In honor of Women’s History Month, it is only right that we curate items from some of our favorite women-owned perfume brands. If you have been in the market for a new perfume, here is a list of fragrances to consider.

Nicki Minaj Queen Eau De Parfum (Limited Edition Perfume)

You don’t have to be a “barb” to appreciate a good perfume. This limited-edition perfume is emblematic of confidence as well as sex appeal. Bursting with notes of Asian Pear and Bergamot, this sensual, memorable, and luxurious scent is for perfume lovers with a bold and also fun approach to life and its finer things. Order below.

Ariana Cloud Eau De Parfum

If you have ever wondered what creme de coconut, lavender, and bergamot smell like together, this perfume is a wonderful fusion of all those ingredients and some. Sensual yet daring, alluring yet slightly understated, this perfume is the perfect go-to item for brunch, a dreamy vacation, or a night out on the town.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum

This perfume, with notes of Almond, Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose, and Tonka Bean, is fresh, present, and intense while not overwhelming. The haute couture Good Girl stiletto is redesigned in black to reflect a confident, bold, alluring woman. Try this perfume for the day when you need an added layer of confidence and swagger.

KSNY Sparkle EDP

This sparkling fragrance by Kate Spade is glimmery and intense while gracefully withstanding the excesses of being overpowering. Kate Spade Sparkle has a unique floral gourmand that fuses with a cocktail of Blackcurrant and Peonies. If you like floral perfumes that significantly leave a lasting impression, choose this item.

Princess By Vera Wang

This alluring, unpredictable scent is the perfect fragrance for the girly girl with an edge. The notes are symbolic of someone who is playful and unapologetically spirited. This scent is for all the fashion-forward IT girls who are unafraid to be authentic.

Scents of Joy by SANA JARDIN

If you love to try different scents at the same time, this fragrance trio is a perfect option and may make you start investing in sets. The set, created by Amy Christiansen, includes three bottles that each contain 5ml worth of perfume called: The trio, named Sandalwood Temple, Tiger by Her Side, and Berber Blonde. Each perfume bursts with unforgettable character and personality and contains diverse themes and notes. Click the link below to check it out.

Ellis Brooklyn SCI FI Eau De Parfum 

This Eau De Parfum perfume is warm and elegant. This scent is alluring and memorable, with highlighted notes like Cashmere Woods, Green Tea, and Pink Freesia. The Ellis Brooklyn brand was founded by Bee Shapiro, who switched careers from a lawyer to a writer for the New York Times. Shapiro created the Ellis Brooklyn brand after realizing that there was a niche for sustainable luxury that not many brands were fulfilling. Shop the sustainably sourced, cruelty-free, and vegan SCI FI Eau De Parfum below.