When it comes to small weddings, the reasons behind them can vary. It could be that the couple prefers to have an intimate experience with their closest loved ones, or that they want to minimize the stress by having less people and details to worry about. The couple could also been keen on saving more money for the honeymoon or spending less money altogether. One or all of these is a good enough reason for the married couple to host a small wedding, centered on the presence, love and encouragement of their loved ones. And that just might mean participating in the planning, or simply showing up for the celebration.

In any case, whether you’re planning or attending, here are some options to consider when thinking about small wedding ideas. 

Small Wedding Budget and Location

Whether you’re ballin’ on a budget or wanting to be more intentional about where you host this momentous gathering, budget and location play major roles in the overall experience. It’s been reported that budgets can fluctuate and, depending on your number of guests and/or amenities, the budget can range. One person’s pocket is not another, but the internet (and some elbow grease) have proven that a lot can be done with a little. Choosing your favorite restaurant or that special family home as your venue can save some money and boost the specialness. However, if you’re wanting to host at a neutral location, consider a bed and breakfast through Airbnb or a local destination wedding. The cottage, mansion or romantic island that catches your eye can be booked if you’re willing to make room for certain details. 

Invest In the Details To Achieve Small Wedding Ideas

Now that you’ve gotten the biggest detail out of the way, you can really focus on the small ones. Although none of them are small when it comes to celebrating you and your life partner, are they? Since you’ve decided to limit attendance, you can shift your energy towards making the wedding experience unique and true to you. Consider hiring a coordinator to keep track of it all. It’ll cost you financially, but could be the pretty penny that gives you peace at the end of the day. And, while you’re at it, think about photography. Do you need a videographer too or one person to stick around for extended hours? While imagining the whos and hows, think about showing your guests how much they mean to you. Welcome bags, boxes and brunches are all ways of saying thank you.

Additional Ways To Make Your Small Wedding Extra Special

If there are folks who can’t make it or who you weren’t able to invite, a livestream link can allow them to still be a part of the festivities. Speaking of being festive, definitely put some thought into incorporating cultural traditions, as it will pay homage to your roots and bring together both families in attendance. Along those lines flows a remembrance table as well. For those family members who’ve passed on, but whose presence is still desired, create a table where you can place photos for a moment of silence or to spark the sharing of stories.

Last, but not least, include your pet since you have the extra time and space. They’re special to you too and could be the touch to make it all feel that much more comfortable. Share with us how you helped to plan or hosted your small wedding. Wishing you a successful and sweet small wedding ideas planning session!