ASMR is a popular trend on social media. But even though it’s popular, not a lot of people understand it. And as a result, many consider ASMR videos to be weird or even creepy.

And we get it. ASMR CAN seem strange to someone who isn’t familiar with it. Videos of people tapping on potato chip bags aren’t exactly “normal” looking. But it actually is normal. And in fact, studies suggest that it may actually provide powerful health benefits to some people.

So, What Is ASMR?

Short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR — simply put — is a reaction to certain stimuli, often sounds. Not everyone responds to these stimuli in the same way. But those who do, call the feeling a “brain-melting” or “tingling” sensation.

What Triggers It?

Triggers vary from person to person. Many fans enjoy whispering, tapping, or page-turning. Eating crunchy chips, chewing and popping bubblegum, and other mouth sounds are also popular in the community.

Other triggers can include visual ones as well, such as watching makeup artists blend eyeshadows, seeing someone fold laundry, or even specific hand movements.

Because we’re all unique, what triggers one person might not trigger another. And the beauty of ASMR is that there’s all kinds of content for everyone to enjoy

Health Benefits

Studies suggest that the practice can help improve mental health by alleviating symptoms of anxiety and even depression. 

According to a recent study, researchers report that watching ASMR videos can lower your heart rate, causing feelings of comfort and relaxation. 

ASMR is gaining traction amongst mainstream audiences. And as a result, more and more Black influencers are stepping up to create content. To see what the fuss is all about, here are five Black ASMR influencers to add to your watch list:


ASMR The Chew

Spirit Payton, a.k.a. ASMRTheChew, is a popular Black ASMR influencer known for her eating sounds. In fact, many fans call her the HBIC of ASMR.

She started her channel in 2016, creating daily uploads for fans to enjoy a meal with her. The following year, she uploaded a video entitled “Pickle ASMR Eating Sounds/BIG Crunch/Intense” that would change her channel forever.

In the video, she ate from a jar of crunchy pickles as she whispered quietly into the mic. The video went viral, sparking new memes, gifs, and attracting even more fans to her channel.

Today, “the pickle video” is her most-watched ASMR video at 38 million views. And fortunately for ASMR fans, there’s plenty more where that came from.


Chynaunique ASMR

Chynaunique ASMR is a popular Black ASMR influencer known for her warm and bubbly personality. She creates a wide range of videos, from glass tapping to mic scratching. She even uploaded a video of herself playing with her pet fox!

As a result, Chynaunique ASMR has earned a number of fans — more than 2 million to be exact. But even though she amassed a large following, she humbly welcomes her fans as friends.

She regularly uploads ASMR videos calling herself “bestie,” posting positive affirmations, and going LIVE to interact with them. And her fans certainly feel the love, praising her for the “tingles” under every video.


Makayla ASMR

@makaylasasmr ASMR fast plucking your negative energy #asmr #foryou #asmr_tingles #foryoupage #asmrtriggers #asmrtiktoks #fyp #asmrplucking #asmrroleplay ♬ original sound – Makayla ASMR

When it comes to ASMR, there are content creators who upload relatable content for a wide audience. And then there are those creators who produce content for more niche audiences. Enter popular ASMR influencer, Makayla ASMR.

Makayla ASMR is a true gem for those who enjoy the quirkier side of ASMR. Not for the faint of heart, a number of her videos include vampires, fake insects, and spit painting.

@makaylasasmr ASMR 😋eating #asmr #fyp #foryou #asmrtiktoks #fastasmr #foryoupage #asmrvideo #asmrroleplay #asmrmouthsounds #asmrmouth #asmrmouthtingles ♬ original sound – Makayla ASMR

Even so, it still works! Because ASMR triggers are as vast as the people who enjoy them, Makayla ASMR has amassed more than half a million subscribers in just two years!


Sung Mook

Broken makeup powders and colorful lipsticks in front of a white background
Photo Credit: Dan Cristian Pădureț via Pexels

If you like makeup, Sung Mook is your girl. This ASMR influencer is all about beauty, from lip gloss applications to face tattooing. She also covers a wide range of makeup styles, including Instagram, goth, and even sugar daddy makeup.

And even though her channel is about makeup, Sung Mook attracts fans of all backgrounds. This is partly because her videos aren’t just about makeup; she role-plays in them, too. She creates super relatable role-playing videos, acting as a “mean big sister,” “ex girlfriend,” an “introverted AF friend,” and many more. And as a result, her inclusivity has earned her a number of fans.




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If you aren’t familiar with ASMR, it can seem relatively strange at first. But fortunately, LatreceASMR helps make it all make sense with her ASMR videos.

She regularly uploads ASMR videos that any and everyone can relate to. For example, her video entitled “ASMR Haircut and Salon Wash Roleplay” feels like a real visit to a hair salon, complete with the relaxing sounds of water circling the drain at the wash station and the quick snipping of scissors during a haircut.


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Plus, with a focus on personal attention, she makes her audience feel welcome through her videos and calm demeanor.