Before you know it, Atlanta will be graced with thousands of magical, melanated, and bossed up creatives ready to pour more of their gifts into their entrepreneurial and leadership success. The highly anticipated Summit21 convention is not your usual, mediocre business conference. It’s a curated experience for women of color who are ready to show up not just for their brand, but for themselves.

Women from all over the world are meeting in one room to learn, inspire and make connections with some of the top experts in their field. But while this year’s attendees are preparing to bring their open mind and top-notch networking skills, there’s one question that is going to cross their mind soon: “What should I wear to Summit21?”

Here are some easy style tips to follow so you can focus more on absorbing all the gems and feel good moments, instead of being distracted by any insecurities with your appearance.

Dress for HOTlanta

Don’t let the hot temperatures distract you from being your best. Opt for more lightweight clothing made with fabrics that allow you to breathe and remain cool. Clothing made from cotton and linen are heaven sent during the summer months but remember to make comfort a priority since you’ll be wearing it all day.


This is not the time for you to hide behind dark colors with fear of standing out. Wearing your best power color will not only make you feel confident, bold, and powerful, but it will make you more approachable – which leads to more valuable connections. Our skin pops in colors and sends a warm welcome message to others before you can even say “hello”. Incorporating color in your look is not just limited to clothes. Utilize your shoes, handbag, and jewelry to add a brighter touch to your outfit. 

Own your personal style

Most importantly, be yourself. Don’t overthink what to wear in an attempt to “fit in”. Express your one-of-a-kind personality and creativity through your style and show up as the God-given magic you are. 

Regardless of what you want to accomplish at Summit21, your authentic presence is what empowers you to show up as the best version of yourself. Comfort, confidence, and happiness should be top of mind when putting together your conference looks. When you wear what makes you feel powerful, your appearance will instantly be “on trend”. Being yourself while looking your best is the foundation to creating the most memorable experience at this year’s Summit21. 

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