Whitney White, a self-proclaimed OG Natural Hair Vlogger behind the handle Napturals85, has a following of over 1 million YouTube subscribers and 640,000 Instagram followers that look to her for natural hair tutorials on type 4 hair. Most  recently White added a new line in her Instagram bio, “Founder of @MelaninHaircare." 

Photo: @naptural85

Last week, the YouTube star revealed a collection of natural hair products that can help us achieve the fluffiest wash n’ go without gel. Yes, you read that right! The line was co-founded by White and her sister, Taffeta White, and is called Melanin. The launch was deemed a “soft launch, with a hard launch coming in 2019.” 

Photo: @naptural85

The line currently consists of a twist-elongating style cream and multi-use pure oil blend along with a head wrap and a hair protective visor which can all be found on the Melanin website. The products are free from silicons, parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, petroleums and formaldehyde, also known as things to run from if seen on an ingredient list. 

“I wanted to share my love for natural, homemade, and safe hair products on a larger scale so that everyone, regardless of time or budget, could benefit from real, nutrient-rich products for healthy, thriving hair and scalp,” shared White on her website. 

Photo: @naptural85

For those who are looking to buy the Melanin products, they’ve sold out very quickly, but pre-orders are being accepted and are to be shipped in February of 2019 with a limit of 5 of each product per customer. 

If you haven’t been following Napturals85, be ready to endlessly scroll through her tutorials and be in awe of her flourishing, healthy natural hair. Check out her no-gel, fluffy wash n’ go tutorial below:

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