Comedian, actor, and CEO of Coulda Been Records, Druski is in the social media spotlight and, this time around, it isn’t for making folks laugh. The mogul-in-the-making was spotted sandy and smitten, hugged up with model and rapper Rubi Rose. His hand on her head and her arm around his thigh, the two have been known to entertain together; participating in several skits together over the years. However, fans and onlookers wondering if this is for laughs or for love. The post is captioned with “DRUBI <3”, a combination of their names which is a typical response to the announcement of new couples in Hollywood.

With his comedic career being at the forefront of his many hats, it’s still up in the air whether the two are an item. So who is Druski dating? 

The Steamy Instagram Post That Sparked Rumors

The multi-hyphenate media man posted a photo of himself and model-rapper Rubi Rose hugged up on the sand while the two celebrated a mutual friend’s birthday in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. To make things seem even real-er, Rubi Rose commented on the post with an enticing “You love me huh baby?” sending fans and observers into a bit of a frenzy. Those of us who follow the personalities know that they’ve worked together many times. And, while it’s always been in a comedic manner, neither of their track records can prove that there wouldn’t be interest between them. 

Who Is Druski Dating?

(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Despite budding careers in comedy, acting, label management, modeling and rapping, this duo has made time for play as well. Druski has been known to flirt with and pursue up and coming beauties in the media industry. He’s appeared on “Grown-ish” and been linked, romantically, to Chloe Bailey. Rubi Rose, on the other hand, has been linked to high-profile men including DDG, who is now the father of his and Halle Bailey’s newborn son. While neither talent has confirmed relationships with any of the folks they’ve dated, they also haven’t spoken to dating one another. 

Fans Speculate

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All speculation, but fans seem to have drawn some conclusions based on the comedian and rapper’s dating lives. Druski, in who he’s been linked to and made passes at, has been pretty consistent in his approach and what catches his eye. Fans question Rubi Rose, bringing up her intention and the varying appearances of men she’s dated. In either case, social media is to observe and does not have full bearing on the day-to-day lives of celebrities no matter how often they use it. The two look to be enjoying one another via steamy and funny posts. We wish them both joy and success both personally and professionally.