The new year has officially arrived! It’s safe to say that 2022 proved to be a monumental year in the books for many. Especially for women in the sneakers industry.

All in all, the sneaker game, in particular, has drastically evolved from where it once was. In the past, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and other brands were notorious for leaving women out of the picture. And though we haven’t forgotten their mistakes, we’ve definitely come a long way.

Women in sneakers aren’t anything new. In fact, as long as there’s been sneaker culture, there have been women that have made their mark on the world. Unfortunately, though, they’ve gone unnoticed for many years. Fortunately, however, that’s all changing — and in the 21st century, women are more prominent in the game than ever before.

From Melody Ehsani changing the famous Jordan 1 silhouette to a more gender-fluid appeal or Yoon ambush securing her mark within the predominately male-owned industry, the sneaker game is finally at a place where it should be.

21Ninety has searched far and wide and has found the five greatest gals in the game. Here are the most influential women in sneakers from 2022 that have secured their marks within the sneaker space.

Yoon Ambush


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Yoon Ambush is the co-founder of AMBUSH and currently serves as Dior men’s jewelry director. After graduating from college, Yoon founded her co-founded her company in 2002 where she designed album covers for her husband and other notable performing artists.

“Now a regular collaborator with Nike Yoon Ahn, co-founder of AMBUSH and Dior men’s jewellery director, has become a natural a transporting footwear into the future through a perfect blend of contemporary and music, art, tech, and pop culture-infused design,” said Sneakers By Women on Instagram.

Team Adidas S.E.E.D


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Team Adidas S.E.E.D stands for (School of Experimental Education in Design) and was created by Cheresse Thornhill, Liz Connelly, and their all-female team. The S.E.E.D program designed the bespoke costumes for Marvel Studios, Black Panther; Wakanda Forever.

“Adidas S.E.E.D (School for Experimental Education in Design), is a special and important programme opening doors and creating a safe space for BIPOC- women in the design industry in New York,” said Sneakers By Women on Instagram.

Julie Valuskova


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Julie Valuskova is a footwear designer designing notorious silhouettes for Yeezy and Aime Leon Dore. She has a unique background as a multidisciplinary artist and conceptual designer with a background in Interior Architecture and Sculpture.

“Though never limited to designing feet, Valuskova is a multidisciplinary artist and conceptual designer who experiments with colour, sculpture, furniture design, and other mediums, making her work personal, intentional, and a breath of fresh air to witness,” said Sneakers By Women.

Ashley Comeaux

Ashley Comeaux is a Footwear Design Director at Nike and the Vice President of Product Design. She’s created a few notable designs such as the Nike Air Huarache Ultra and has more than succeeded in her seats at the sneaker company.

“She is a powerful leader, lending her knowledge and advice to others who come after her as she takes All Birds to new heights as the Vice President of Product Design for the company,” said Sneakers By Woman.

Jazerai Allen-Lord


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Jazerai Allen- Lord is a sneaker strategist, consultant, and founder of True to Size. She has a special place in the sneaker culture and has been heavily involved in amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.

“Jazerai Allen -Lord has worked her way up to becoming a household name in the world of sneakers. Allen-Lord has been heavily involved in the sneaker industry for some time, and her ongoing efforts to amplify marginalized voices, ensure their stories are authentically told, and speak to the hearts of communities have been felt globally,” as reported by Sneakers By Women.