Adidas Women's Meet The Creators celebrates women from around the world who are changing the game. Recently, Adidas featured Liz Q. Parr, a Los Angeles-based trainer and owner of Guvnor’s Boxing Club in Long Beach, California, who is the definition of a boss. Parr's story is similar to anyone who is a first generation American. While Liz was not the greatest when it came to school, she was phenomenal in the boxing ring. Parr's father mentioned in the video that Liz was set on making it to the Olympics but the year she was supposed to make it, a notice came that they weren't accepting women that year. This didn’t stop Liz from fighting professionally, then move onto training and finally opening up her very own gym. Check out Liz Q. Parr’s feature on Adidas Women's YouTube channel below:Working out is beneficial and can be fun as well. While Liz is making strides in the boxing ring, there are other women of color who are changing the fitness game as well! Check them out below:Massy Arias is a Dominican-born, Los Angeles-based trainer who is committed to a healthy and active lifestyle. Her Instagram features workouts that range from weightlifting to yoga as well as very sweet pictures of her beautiful daughter. She's not only a go-to for motivation, but she's also one to go to for #inspo and #goals as well.

Pita Grace is a healthy living advocate whose Instagram features delicious meal planning photos, fun dancing videos and absolutely killer workouts to get you right. Grace also has grocery lists, recipes and personal training available on her website. 

Jessamyn Stanley is an absolute game-changer in the yoga community. She promotes a healthy lifestyle while slaying almost any advanced yoga pose you can think of. Her take on health and wellness is a beautiful one, and it's definitely worth following. 

I was stoked when @samsungmobile asked me to try out their new Gear IconX- it’s very hard to find headphones that I can wear while I’m practicing yoga and these cord-free ear buds are the perfect fit for my practice. Music is the unspoken hero of my home yoga practice and I constantly build, save, and download @spotify playlists to my phone so that I can find my flowing rhythm no matter where my teaching practice takes me. The Gear IconX pair seamlessly with the Samsung Gear Fit2Pro fitness band making it easy for me to change my playlist + check my heart rate and vital stats without ever leaving my yoga mat. I took the Gear IconX and Fit2Pro for a spin during my backbend practice the other day and my Gear IconX stayed snug in my ears throughout the whole thing- this video shows ~15 minutes of backbending sped up 3x with all the trimmings of my every day practice- spinal twists, deep breathing, & a juicy legs up the wall inversion at the end. Watch the whole video on my YouTube- link is above! Music is Jack Elphick “Head Nod Supreme 3” #ad #fitnessmotivation #motivation #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove

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Jeannette Jenkins is a workout queen and it's no wonder that she's trained some of our Hollywood faves, including Queen Latifah. Her Instagram features workout videos that can be done anywhere, which basically leaves us with #noexcuses!

Lita Lewis is the founder of Thick Athletics Apparel and the woman who started the #ThickThighsSaveLives hashtag! Her strong physique and great workout videos are motivation that works beyond the midweek slump.