Listen up, ladies. As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable. When you’re spending 8-10 hours a day working, it can feel hard to pull away to listen to a podcast.

But, it's always important to remember that no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, it is crucial to keep learning, sis.  

I find that in this technology-driven age, it is easier than ever to listen to high-quality content and educate yourself on various entrepreneurial topics.  As you explore podcasts, try to find ones that entertain you, while keeping you both inspired and engaged. Ultimately, listening to a podcast should improve your entrepreneurial mindset — because otherwise, what is the point?

So how do you find which entrepreneur podcasts are worth the listen? That’s why I’m here, sis. I’ve rounded up five podcasts for aspiring entrepreneurs that actually teach something.

SuperSoul Conversations

Photo: SuperSoul

OK, so, it’s not officially a business podcast, but Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations delve right into how to live your life with purpose and conviction. It’s unique in that Oprah sits down with people from all different backgrounds, and yet each episode deals with life on such a universal level that you feel instantly connected and inspired at the same time. I mean after all, if you’re not thinking critically about the world around you, can you even create a valuable, sustainable business?

2 Dope Queens

Photo: NPR

Comical BFF’s Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson host a live comedy show in Brooklyn and many other places in the U.S. that features the newest and most exciting voices of stand-up comedy today. Filled with total #BFFgoal moments, this podcast will put you in the best mood first thing in the A.M.

Black Girl Nerds 

Photo: Black Girl Nerds

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory, but this podcast is all about creating an online tribe that promotes and supports nerdiness among Black women and other WOC. 

Afropop Worldwide

Photo: Afropop

This Peabody award-winning podcast and online magazine are all about music from Africa and the African diaspora. The podcast is published every Thursday on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

Two Brown Girls

Photo: iTunes

Two Brown Girls is all about lively conversations about pop culture, film, and TV, hosted by writers and critics Fariha Róisín and Zeba Blay.

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