It’s that time of year again—time to start achieving these so-called goals we have set in the New Year. But, do we all make it? Interestingly enough, a U.S. News & World Report found that "approximately 80 percent of resolutions fall by the wayside the second week of February." So, the odds are somewhat stacked against us if you think about it.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail, sis! However, it does say you need to be realistic and set your goals accordingly. Your sights must be placed on targets that are within your reach, don’t overextend yourself. 

To help you increase your #BossGirlStatus this year, here are ten possible resolutions that are suitable for every career path and every experience level.  

Pay attention

If you’ve been doing the same job role for a while now, it’s easy to let yourself coast on those accomplishments—and let your skills development slack off. But to keep you up to par with the ever-changing workplace and to gain new skills, learn to treat every workday like its a new day to learn. Adopt a growth mentality and aim to learn something each day—it doesn’t even have to correlate to your skills set directly—you just need to keep your brain in learning mode.

Look for the next opportunity

If you have the hopes of getting this year, don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. Create your bliss and opportunities by setting up a meeting with your manager to get some insight on what it is they need from you and how you can move up in the company. But remember to take small, achievable steps. All those little steps add up.

Confront habits that mess with productivity

Productivity in the workplace is so important. So that means maybe we should all spend less time looking at Facebook and Instagram (I’m pointing at myself here too, ladies) and spend more time at the tasks at hand in the office. 

Take on challenging projects at work

One of the best ways to gain some visibility positively is to become a notable leader who regularly contributes to big projects. Therefore, find out what high-profile projects are in the works this year, and ask if there are opportunities for you to play a part on them.

Stretch your role

The last thing you want to be is a zombie stuck in Groundhog Day at work—clocking in and clocking out with no division or growth; without pushing yourself. Step outside your comfort zone and take on new responsibilities to gain the experience you need to climb the ranks. Showing that kind of initiative will also make you more valuable to your employer. Come up with your own creative and original ideas, and work on ways you can actively implement them into the company. 

make new connections with coworkers

It’s easy to get so caught up in the never-ending stream of to-do items being thrown at you. Part of what can help us move up in our careers is the chance to remove ourselves from the immediate circle of friends and step outside of our comfort zones a bit at work. The next time you are in the break room, try to start up a convo with people outside of your usual circle — people who can give insights you may not have reached on your own just yet. 

Go to a conference or workshop solo

The first year on the job can feel overwhelming; there’s so much to learn and take in. But as we get more competent (and comfortable) at our jobs, we often get more complacent. If you are trying to up your learning this year, seek out a conference or workshop that you have never taken part in before. And if you want to learn big, go solo. Flying solo can promote the ultimate productivity, allowing you to focus on the learning. But, that doesn't mean you have to isolate yourself fully. Give yourself a chance to meet with someone new, and you’ll leave with new contacts as well as new knowledge.

Be a better communicator

Want to be liked and respected at work? Be a good conservationist. That means being diligent about checking emails and calls and checking in with your co-workers on their tasks. Converse with people; give them a heads up when you aren't around, so they’re not left hanging, it's just polite. When someone gives you a hand, be sure to show gratitude and say thank you. 

Create a healthy work-life balance

All work and no play is no fun at all, am I right? If you’re miserable at work, it will show and you don't want that. The moral? Work hard, but don’t wear yourself too thin. Carve out time for friends and family. And you can't forget to take those vacation days, sis. You deserve every single hour of them. 

Always be open to outside opportunities + growth

Whether or not you’re not content at your job, you should be keeping your eyes open for new opportunities regardless. You risk nothing by applying to situations that seem like they’d be a good fit for your future goals and aspirations. 

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