Baby, it’s cold outside! You know what that means – cuffing season. It’s the quintessential season for not only cuddling and curling up with the one you love, but it’s also the time of year for old flames to try to heat things up again. 

Maybe all your exes live in Texas, or some live in your neighboorhood. Whatever the case may be it’s essential to safeguard your mental space from being bombarded by exes who want to rekindle the spark and get that old love back, especially if those relationships were toxic. Tell that ex that everything they own is in a box to the left and show them the metaphorical door out of your life. 

In case you receive an awkward text or two, we have a few ideas about handling this situation –from upbeat, softer responses to directly shutting it down. Here are 13 responses when an ex reaches out during cuffing season. 

13 Responses When an Ex Reaches Out

It’s nice to hear from you. Although I’m not interested in rekindling things, I hope you are doing well and wish you the best.

Hey, I am in a new relationship, and to be respectful of my significant other, I think it’s best that we no longer communicate.

I appreciate you reaching out. But I’d like to keep our relationship in the past and focuse on moving forward.

We ended our relationship for serious reasons, and I would not want either of us to revisit the trauma. 

I wish you the best, and I’ll always root for you from a distance.

I’ve moved on from this relationship, and I think it’s best for you to do the same.

I’d no longer like for us to be in contact with each other. I wish you well.

I am not interested, and I’d appreciate no further contact. 

My partner would not be OK with us interacting or you reaching out to start things up again.

That’s going to be a no for me. 

You and I are not the healthiest for each other. I hope you find what you are looking for with someone new.

Please delete my number from your contacts.

No thank you.

Bonus round: Say nothing. Silence is golden.