Back in the day, before social media was a thing, Black women learned about beauty, fashion, and other popular trends through TV and magazines.

Now, there’s Tiktok — the platform which many young people consider to be the hub for popular culture. But unlike before social media, people of all backgrounds are represented on the platform. This includes Black women, who make up a sizeable percentage of users creating content on the app.

Black Influencers on the Platform

There are many Black content creators on Tiktok. In fact, Senegalese-native Khabane “Khaby” Lame is THE most popular influencer on the app with over 150 million followers and counting!

And he isn’t the only one. Actor Will Smith also ranks as one of the most followed creator with more than 72 million followers. And singer Jason Derulo is not far behind him at over 55 million followers.

Black Culture on the Platform

Black culture is popular culture in many ways. And it can be found all throughout Tiktok, from AAVE to hip hop dance trends. But even though elements of the culture are shared on the app, Black creators behind certain popular trends aren’t always credited for their contributions.

To combat this, Black influencers and their allies mobilize to hold other influencers accountable by calling out the disparity. And even though the Black community still has quite a way to go, many strides have been made to reduce the prevalence of others stealing from Black creators without acknowledging they did it first.

5 Black TikTok Influencers that Rep Black Girl Magic

From fitness influencers to beauty gurus, Tiktok has everything you need to fight boredom. And with so many Black creators on the app, the content is endless. To find more Black influencers on Tiktok, check out this list of content creators to add to your watch list:



I love filters like this that help me figure out what works for me! I used @loréal paris Brow Definer pencil (shade 390 dark brunette) #browtutorial #straightbrows #LOrealParisPartner #BrowDefiner #browsbyfaceshape

♬ original sound – Dasia Janae

For hair care and styling tips, check out Dasia Janae, a.k.a. @dajjrambo. This beautiful hair guru teaches fans how to create the hairstyle trends they see on social media. And with almost half a million followers, Janae is most definitely on top of her game.

Whether you like wigs and weaves or natural hairstyles, Dasia Janae has you covered. Plus, her reviews on hair care and styling products can help even the worst product junkie save money.

From baby hairs to barrel curls, @dajjrambo has got it all. And even better, she’s sharing everything she knows with the rest of us.

@tiemyapron is a Black Tiktoker on a mission to unite all foodies, one hilarious post at a time. From restaurant reviews to trying popular social media food trends, this TikToker covers all bases.

Aside from food reviews, Maia — the brains behind the account — is also a talented cook herself. And she posts a number of her specialties on TikTok for fans to see, including her decadent chocolate mousse cake with buttery toffee pieces or her refreshing watermelon and feta salad with chopped mint.

And if your stomach starts to rumble while scrolling through her account, don’t fret! Local fans can purchase select meals on her official website, from cakes to charcuterie boxes.



Babes your dreams are right around the corner. Maybe that’s a long corner, or a corner you will hit tomorrow. You won’t know until you keep going. #gymmotivation #steveharvey #fitness #gymrat #blackfitnessinfluencer #motivationalvideo #keepgoingdontgiveup #fittok #gymtok #blackgirlfitness

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

For fitness inspo, check out @gainsby.brit, a Black influencer producing A1 fitness content for social media. With a mission to “motivate women to invade the gym,” Gains by Brit is leading the charge in empowering women to reach their fullest health potential.

Nearly all of her videos are dedicated to fitness — a testament to her commitment to her craft. And not only does she post workout-related content, she also uploads videos about healthy eating.

For example, her 5-minute midday snack is a healthier take on a yogurt parfait. And her Chipotle-inspired chicken bowl contains spinach, chicken, and other quality ingredients for a healthy alternative to fast food.


If you like beauty and fashion, @heybriajones is the girl for you. She regularly uploads content related to all things beauty, from product reviews to OOTDs.

But even though creating content is part of her job, her account is more than just clothes and makeup. Instead, Bria Jones is pretty serious about her respective industries. She even calls out other influencers when they’re being problematic.

And her fans love her for it. Located in Dallas, Jones uses her southern charm to woo viewers of all backgrounds. And she certainly does. At nearly 500 million followers, Jones is doing very well for herself. And judging by her incredible momentum, she has no plans to stop.

For recipe suggestions, try @ericaeclass. This young, Black content creator is taking Tiktok by storm, creating videos showcasing the foods she makes.

From brunch to dinner, Erica E’Class has you covered. Try her smothered pork chops with creamy mashed potatoes for a classic weekday meal. Or, her oven baked baby back ribs are the perfect comfort food when grilling is out of the question.

Her step-by-step instructions are so simple and easy to follow that pretty much anyone can try them out. Not to mention, her recipes receive rave reviews from fans.

Whether you prefer to watch her cook or try her recipes out for yourself, Erica E’Class is a good influencer to add to your watch list.