Not only does your bestie go through their own daily ups and downs but they vicariously live through yours too. All that support they offer certainly means your BFF deserves an at-home spa day. Before you leave them another 10-minute voice note, send them a gift that lets them rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Best of all, you don’t need to spend nearly $1,000. There are plenty of gifts on Amazon that offer a luxury experience for a fraction of the cost.

5 Easy At-Home Spa Day Ideas

Helping your best friend turn their home into a spa doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are five ideas to give your bestie a relaxing experience: 

  1. B&B Evening: Your bestie needs to try soaking in the bath with a good book. No screens to burn their eyes. Just pure bathing bliss. 
  2. Self-Massage: Using body oil, and a massage gun, your best friend will relax their tight shoulders with a soothing self massage. 
  3. Candlelit Snack: Instead of snacking under the bright lights in their home, your bestie can snack and sip under romantic candlelight. 
  4. A Warm Nap: Why nap in cold bed sheets when towel warmers exist?! Your bestie needs a warmer to heat up their fresh bedding for the coziest nap they’ve ever had. 
  5. Tea Time in a Cozy Robe: Sipping and actual cup of tea while being coddled in a cozy robe is a relaxing moment your best friend deserves – multiple items a week. 

Best Bath Pillow

Bath Haven Neck and Back Bathtub Pillow

Bath Haven’s Neck and Back Bathtub Pillow transforms your bestie’s bath into a relaxing soak. This plush pillow features a wrap-around design that lets them nestle into the breathable mesh. The pillow portion is also slightly raised so that their head isn’t left hanging. More importantly, the back of this pillow has six strong suction cups to prevent the bath accessory from slipping deeper into the tub.  

Best Bath Set

Lovery Bath and Body Vanilla Coconut Gift Basket

Lovery’s Bath and Body Vanilla Coconut Gift Basket is ready to give to your bestie out of the box. This nine-piece gift set has all of the bath essentials your best friend will need to take them from the tub to bed – including a washcloth. As for the bath and body products, there’s a body oil, bubble bath, shower gel, body scrub, bath salts, and two large bath bombs. All of the products come ready to deliver in a decorative basket that doubles as storage for all of the goodies. 

Best Bath Tray

Bambüsi Adjustable Bathtub Tray Table

Bambüsi’s Adjustable Bathtub Tray Table holds everything your best friend needs to soak peacefully with no need to leave the tub to grab a snack. It extends to the width of the tub to hold a tablet, treat, beverages, a candle, and a towel. And, when the bath time is over, the tray folds in on itself into an easy-to-store square. 

Best Flameless Candles

Homemory Waterproof Outdoor Flameless Candles

Homemory’s Waterproof Outdoor Flameless Candles can be used indoors too. While you don’t want your bestie to have this electric remote-controlled candle with them in the tub, they can place them in other corners of their home without worrying about accidental spills or fires. Tell them to scatter these in the bedroom, on top of the toilet in the bathroom, and in the living room.

Best Massager

Elefor Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun

Elefor’s Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun is about to be your best friend’s personal masseuse. Tucked into a portable storage case is the handheld massager and its 10 different percussion heads that get into every tense nook-and-cranny. That way, while you’re on the phone stressing them out with the latest drama, they can self soothe in real time.  

Best Robe

Classic Turkish Towels Cotton Unisex Long Bathrobe

This Classic Turkish Towels Cotton Unisex Long Bathrobe is the plush gift to give your bestie an at-home spa day. They’ll live in this 100 percent cotton robe. It features two large front pockets, a self-tie belt, and internal loop so that they can hang it in their bathroom. Shop black and white in sizes small to 3X-large. 

Best Towel Warmer

Keenray Luxury Bucket Towel Warmer

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Keenray’s Luxury Bucket Towel Warmer ensures that your number one is never cold. And, it has an automatic shut-off for worry-free warming. It holds every cozy item your best friend would want to warm up. They can throw in washcloths, towels, bedding, pajamas, or bathrobes. 

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