Stuffed bears, a box of chocolates, a red card, and a rose. These are some of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts that have been a part of the love-filled day for generations. While there’s a time and place for sticking to the classics, after a while, it gets repetitive. That’s why, in 2024, alternative Valentine’s Day gifts are the way to go.

What Should Be Gifted on Valentine’s Day?

On Valentine’s Day you should give your partner a gift that shows how much you care. Your gift lets them know how well you know their interests. So, when picking out an alternative Valentine’s Day gift, think about what your lover genuinely desires. Ask yourself, what they’re passionate about or what they have been craving. The answer can range from an automatic shoulder massager to a trip to Bermuda. 

Best Bookworm Gift

Homie Reading Pillow with Reading Light and Wrist Support

Is your valentine obsessed with romance novels? Then give them Homie’s Reading Pillow with Reading Light and Wrist Support. This reading pillow comes with a reading lamp that attaches to the book, a wrist support pillow, and the main pillow. The main pillow features pockets on either side of the arm rests and a top handle so the reader in your life can move it anywhere they want to dive into a good book. 

Best Chocolates

M&M’s Valentine’s Day Dispenser

Photo Courtesy of M&M's

The M&M’s Valentine’s Day Dispenser is much more unique than your average box of chocolates. This functional chocolate dispenser comes with one pound of M&M candies. You also get to customize what’s printed on the chocolates you’ll give to your valentine. 

Best Food

Delight Patisserie Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

Delight Patisserie’s Custom Message Shortbread Cookies replace the traditional Valentine’s Day card. Just send Celine Zhou, the baker behind Delight Patisserie, the message that you want to relay to your loved one. You can even send meaningful texts between you and your valentine to be put on the cookies. 

Best Fragrance

Noteworthy Signature Sampler

Photo Courtesy of Noteworthy

Noteworthy’s Signature Sampler is for the Valentine that loves to smell good all the time. This box contains all 17 of the brand’s curation of gender inclusive scents. Plus, whoever gets this gift will receive a $25 credit toward the purchase of a full size fragrance of their choosing. 

Best Designer Handbag

LOEWE Puzzle Mini Leather Bag

Photo Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

Drape your partner in functional luxury with the LOEWE Puzzle Mini Leather Bag. This dual-purpose tote works as both a top handle bag and a crossbody purse. What makes this bag wonderfully unique is its ability to fold down flat. So, your boo can use this tote as an everyday bag or vacation purse. Four leather options are available to shop.

Best Gift for a “Type A” Partner

Papier Undated Daily Planner

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

If your valentine loves an organized schedule more than you, get them this Papier’s Undated Daily Planner. This 16-week planner helps your loved one organize their day-to-day with guided prompts and clearly defined sections. Plus, each page has a combination of lined sections and blank spaces – plenty of room for notes and doodles. 

Best Intimate Gift

Lelo Flickering Massage Candle

Photo Courtesy of Dermstore

Lelo’s Flickering Massage Candle looks like your run-of-the-mill scented light source. But, beneath the surface, it’s a key tool that you can use for date night. As the candle melts it turns into a massage oil scented like vanilla and creme de cacao. So, when you’re ready for a post candle lit dinner massage, blow the candle out, wait 30 seconds, and enjoy.  

Best Jewelry

Nancy Nelson Personalized Love Birch Cuff

Photo Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Nancy Nelson’s Personalized Love Birch Cuff is a brass bracelet cast from actual birch bark. When placing your order you’ll have a space to send in the initials that you want on the cuff. The result, a sentimental cuff that resembles carving the names of you and your lover(s) into a tree. 

Best Non-Alcoholic Drink

French Bloom Discovery Set

Photo Courtesy of Boisson

French Bloom’s Discovery Set keeps the element of celebration alive even if you or your partner(s) are sober. This champagne, made in France, is 100 percent free of alcohol. So, you’ll be able to enjoy white and rose glasses of non-alcoholic champagne with the two included crystal flutes.

Best Skincare Set

Soko Glam Exclusive 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge Set

Soko Glam’s Exclusive 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge Set is essentially a self care variety pack. These moisturize and calm the skin to give you love skin they feel good in. So grab this set to give them the gift of calm skin – and an at-home spa day. 

Best Splurge

Hamilton Princess and Beach Club – A Fairmont Managed Hotel

If you’re trying to spoil your valentine, take a couple’s trip to Bermuda at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club – A Fairmont Managed Hotel. This resort has all of the essentials you crave from a resort plus a range of special experiences. There’s a scenic private beach, full-service spa, with options to go jet skiing, kayaking, and scuba diving nearby. More importantly, from the east coast, it’s less than a three hour flight to the islands.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Uncommon Originals Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman Glasses

Uncommon Originals’ Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman Glasses is a set of two stemless wine glasses that feature the complete text of Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman.” It’s a wonderful gift to give to the phenomenal woman in your life – even if she doesn’t drink wine. She can sip her favorite beverages while reading the poem as it’s revealed.  

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

FitRx Cordless Shiatsu 3D Massager

Photo Courtesy of Walmart

Instead of getting him another pair of boxers, get the man in your life the FitRx Cordless Shiatsu 3D Massager. It’s a rechargeable massager that works on your neck, shoulders, and back. Plus, there are arm rests so that he can play games, or read his favorite book, without creating more tension on his shoulders. 

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Them

Vitaly Bliss

Photo Courtesy of Vitaly

Get your non-binary babe this Vitaly Bliss necklace for Valentine’s Day. It’s a chain necklace that alternates between smiley faces, chain links, and the brand’s logo. And, it comes in stainless steel or gold-plated stainless steel. Bliss is a great way to show you love how much they make you smile too.

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