The deeply creative and sensitive souls of Pisces are considered the most spiritually evolved, meaning that in love, it’s especially important for them to connect with a partner who understands and feels things as deeply as they do. Fellow water elements Cancer and Scorpio are strong matches for Pisces, but what about fiery Leo?

We already know that the mid-summer babies can develop life-changing partnerships with Aqua, who happens to be their sister sign. Shifting things over just one position, comparing Leo and Pisces, shakes things up entirely. Two unhealed people coming together might look like something out of a cheesy romantic drama with salacious, over-the-top PDA and minor fights that cause major drama. If they’re aware and looking to grow, though, Neptune and the Sun can aid one another in developing their confidence and manifesting their dreams, whether they spend their time exploring, between the sheets, or planning romantic baecations.

What Are Leos Like?

If there’s a lion in your presence, you’ll surely feel it through their sheer strength, generosity, and confidence. Ruled by the Sun, those born from July 23rd to August 22nd have a natural warmth to their energy, and are great at making others around them recognize that same light within themselves. Their life quest is to face their ego/pride and acknowledge where it might be holding them. However, being a fixed modality can make it difficult for them to unlearn any toxic behaviors without some serious effort.

Stereotypes surrounding Leos paint them as the center of attention in every room, known for breathing life into each atmosphere they grace with their presence. While this makes them attractive in the eyes of their admirers, anyone struggling to find their confidence might be intimated by the lion’s bold behavior, causing them to be criticized or judged before they’re understood. Many Leos don’t intend to make others feel small, but for these rulers of the jungle, it’s impossible not to shine.

What Are Pisces’ Like?

Pisces are the final sign of the zodiac wheel, providing them with the highest cosmic connection to everything divine and otherworldly. They’re represented by the fish and are known for their incredible imaginations, which allow them to dream up huge plans and manifest them with ease. Ruled by Neptune and born from February 19th to March 20th, any Pisces in your life will find great pleasure in exploring the boundless landscapes of their mind, though some will need extra time to relax and sleep with their subconscious working overtime.

While the lion is fixed in their ways, the fish is part of the mutable modality (along with Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius), making them far more fluid in changing and adapting to the river of life. Pisces are incredibly sensual and alluring without having to try, and their compassionate spirit only enhances that. You’ll find plenty of celestial sea creatures working throughout the music industry (Rihanna, Jhené Aiko, and K Michelle, for example), or indulging in creative hobbies to help others outside of their 9-5.

Leo and Pisces Romantic Compatibility

When these two powerful forces come together, you can expect dramatic antics to ensue. Couples consisting of Leo and Pisces might consider documenting their romance on social media, as they enjoy grandiose displays of affection that the internet loves to live vicariously through. As the laws of the universe state, the passionate highs will be balanced by intense low moments, where both parties are sure to have lots of emotion flowing freely. Should they learn to respond to each other by taking distance to understand their feelings before reacting on impulse, there’s very strong potential for a healthy love here.

“At first, these two are wildly attracted to each other,” astrologer Theresa Reed tells Bustle. “Leo’s passion and creativity are major draws to Pisces, and Leo finds the perfect muse in sensitive Pisces. These are two of the most artistic signs in the zodiac, which makes them perfect partners in anything artsy.” Each half of this dynamic tends to fall in love quickly. Though the initial rush and honeymoon phase can be so much fun, they can also cause co-dependency/love bombing to run rampant, with each (not necessarily intentionally) holding the other back from fulfilling their true purpose. Be cautious of how tightly you cling to your lover, and give them the freedom to be who they need to be without stepping out of your integrity; then your only option is to thrive together!

Leo and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

When considering how you and another might merge energies sexually, it’s important to take note of where Mars falls in your birth chart. For instance, a Leo and Pisces combo here speaks of a match made in heaven. The former loves to be admired by the latter, who will do a bang-up job of worshipping their regal lion. Full of passion themselves, the fire half of this duo will quickly fall head over heels for the water sign’s romantic surprises and equally vivid imagination. Where trouble can arise is if Leo fails to make Pisces feel mutually appreciated and adored. The ability to maintain a balance in the bedroom can forge a bond that supplies you with deep, pleasurable intimacy.

Leo and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

If you’re more curious about the potential of a platonic relationship with the cosmic lion or fish you’re getting to know, you might be happy to know there are lots of positives here. For one, each will push the other to new heights in terms of their creative expression. On Leo’s side, their nobility and big-heartedness make them a great friend to Pisces, who values compassion and understanding from those they surround themselves with. Since they’re such sensitive souls, both pals would do best to tread lightly when approaching tough topics. With enough grace and communication, they’ll be able to handle any arguments that may arise without too many dramatics.

Seeing their favorite person surrounded by so many others can cause feelings of jealousy to arise in the Neptune-ruled comrade, but planning regular quality time together to do your favorite activities can help to quash this. “Leo may sometimes feel crowded and not take the friendship as seriously as Pisces does. But Leo is just so friendly and loving, they would do anything for their Pisces friend especially if their friend was feeling down,” Stina Garbis explains to Bustle.

Are Leo and Pisces Compatible?

We’ve given you a lot to consider in terms of Leo and Pisces’ compatibility, and it doesn’t begin to cover what you could uncover about your dynamic’s potential from a full birth chart analysis. Still, we know there’s plenty energetically working in your favor here, especially if you choose to move forward as creative partners. In terms of elementals, fire and water are opposites. This suggests that there are difficulties to overcome here for long-term success. As Reed reminds Bustle, “Fire can make water boil, while water can put out fire. This can lead to soap opera-level drama, something both signs hate but are prone to.”

Elsewhere, the differences in their modalities might see Pisces doing most of the apologizing in any sort of situation with a Leo. If you do part ways, this could be why, but the fact that some speedbumps may lie ahead doesn’t mean a meeting of the lion and the fish isn’t worth pursuing. In fact, it might be exactly what you need to learn some new things about yourself and evolve!