It seems as though the girls have been popping up pregnant a lot lately. Everyone is catching the baby bug, from your coworker to your sister, to your best friend. Although this means you now have more bouncing beautiful faces to welcome to the world, it also means you have to shell out some money for baby shower gifts.

Typically, baby shower gifts focus on things to make sure the baby will be comfortable when they arrive. While this is important, it is equally as crucial to make sure the mother will be comfortable as well. Mothers tend to go through a lot of postpartum symptoms once the baby arrives. After all, their bodies have been prepping for this day for nine months, of course, some internal and external changes have been made that can be uncomfortable.

Expecting mothers tend to focus so much on prepping for the baby, that they unintentionally neglect their needs at the moment and their needs in the “fourth trimester.” This is the three-month period after moms give birth, also known as the “postpartum period.” During this time, there is a lot of healing, learning, and many sleepless nights. The demands of feeding, bonding, and looking after the baby are all very overwhelming for new moms. There’s still the looming possibility of postpartum depression. Combined with the physical recovery after giving birth and the changes to their hormones, it can be difficult to adjust during this period if they don’t know what to expect or have the postpartum essentials they need. This is where you come in. Here are the best baby shower gifts to cater to the mom-to-be in your life.

Baby Shower Gifts For The Mom-To-Be

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After giving birth, it is very possible to have a sore pelvic floor. A sitz bath does just the trick for relieving any pain and discomfort in the area. Popping some bath herbs in there, filling it with water, and sitting for about 20 minutes will have pelvic floor of the mom-to-be will be thanking you later!

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This care for birth box checks off everything on the new mom’s hospital bag list, so they don’t have to! It contains 11 research-backed products and two guidebook to help her or a loved one feel prepared. This kit includes elevated birth recovery, postpartum and breastfeeding essentials that every mother needs!

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Nothing that no one says can ever really prepare a new mom for berastfeeding. Sometimes her precious girls can be swollen and sore from all the tugging and biting, she’ll need some relief. This product is made with bamboo and flax seed. It is also double sided to help soothe and comfort sore nipples and breasts to provide different levels of temperature control.

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New moms are always on their feet. Whether its from running back and forth to tend to the baby, cooking, cleaning, or all three at once, those feet need some TLC. These microwavable slippers are perfect for when mom needs to get off her feet and relax for just a bit.

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Some moms like to make “padsicles.” It’s basically a sanitary napkin that is chilled in the freezer and then attached to a new mom’s underwear. If you don’t neccesarily want the new mom in your life to go the DIY route, this product does just the trick! It not only eases pain, but also reduces swelling, bruising, and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids and vaginal stitches.