Jaws dropped when Cardi B. shared on social media that short nails make her feel poor. The word choice was definitely troublesome. Plus, short nails can be both clean, classic and beautiful.

Still, it’s not uncommon for people who usually rock a longer set of nails to feel not quite themselves when donning shorter claws. There’s just something that happens when your nails are done to your exact liking. It is like something activates. Call it your inner bad chick.

Any nail lover can tell you that keeping your clackers done, with either acrylics or gel manicures, can severely weaken your natural nail beds. For that reason, nail shop regulars will often give their hands a rest from time to time. If you still want to feel confident and fresh while on a healthy nail break, press on nails may be a good option. The best press on nails are quick and easy to apply. They also don’t compromise the health of your real nails. 21Ninety has done the research for you and gathered some of the best press on nails around. Check out our picks below. 

Colorful Cutie

Photo Courtesy of Target

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to let your nails express the energy of the season. Clutch’s Hot Girl Stunner nails (shout out to Meg) exude vibrance and warmth. They’re bright, colorful and fun. This set is for those long nail lovers; however, the length can be adjusted with a simple nail clipper.

This durable option also can be filed like real nails. Each set comes with 24 pieces, glue and a file. This best press on nail pick is also vegan and cruelty free.

‘I Go Mooooooo’

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Nothing makes a statement like animal print. Of course, leopard and cheetah will always be classic but there’s something new and fun about a cow printed nail. Ask Doja Cat whose bovine inspired song “Mooo” will forever live in YouTube infamy.

These extra long matte nails are a best press on nail pick because they are lightweight, and chip, smudge and waterproof. They are durable and long-lasting. The kit comes with a wooden stick for easy removal when you’re ready for a new look. 

Fairy Tales

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

There used to be a time when press on nails only came in neutral, very conservative shades. Those times have changed. You can now find a good press on set with unique and creative designs similar to what a nail tech would create. This Fairy Tales set from FancyNailsVN is stunning. The abstract design is eye-catching, whimsical and delicate. This set of press on nails comes with glue, a mini file and alcohol wipes. You’re sure to get more than your fair share of compliments rocking these. 

Keep It Simple

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Some of nail enthusiasts prefer to keep their nails light and neutral. Going this route is a safe bet, especially if you prefer to have your nails easily match all of of your outfits. Black line art is a great, neutral option. This set from HotPressNailCo features a simple, yet bold design. The almond-shaped nails are reusable, vegan and toxin-free. 

Give Them Regal

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Gold remains a top metallic choice when it comes to accessories. Why not incorporate some of this fiery metal on your nails? This set from FancyNailsVN features a diagonal design that resembles a gold leaf along with a glossy black. These press on nails are available in a variety of shapes including square, oval, almond, rounded, ballerina and stiletto. The site also features a size guide for easy application. 

Make It A Combo

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

You can have it all with this nail set that incorporates a mix of designs and finishes. With FancyNailsVN’s press on nails, you get a neutral color, a bright color and an intricate, light-reflecting design. It sounds like a lot, but it blends beautifully. This set is so eye-catching that you might have a hard time looking away from your own hands. 

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