Indigo Movement is a woman-owned wellness brand tirelessly advocating for well-being. Tiana Duncan founded the Black-owned brand in 2017 with a simple concept in mind: folks and communities deserve moments of rest. In a world where movement is constant and rest is an afterthought, Duncan carved out a space to normalize stillness. Today, Duncan leads a team of certified and highly trained specialists who offer massage sessions, circuit training, kickboxing and yoga classes to clients.

Wellness Brand For The Whole Community

As a certified massage therapist, Duncan truly understands the impact that stress can have on the body. Indigo Movement takes a holistic approach to addressing stress management and the effects it can have on the mind. In alignment with her love for promoting healthy lifestyle habits, Duncan regularly gives back to local communities. As an active member of the community, Duncan uses her woman-owned wellness brand to alleviate built-up stress and trauma in individual and collective bodies. If the body remembers trauma, the best option is to release it entirely through massage and other tools.

Indigo Movement aligns with clients who prioritize optimal well-being. Duncan is known for championing diversity, social justice, LGBTQ+ rights and environmental preservation in her local area. She established The Duncan Connection, a non-profit providing holistic resources, fitness classes and swim lessons to underserved communities. It operates in South Seattle area. 21Ninety spoke with Duncan about the heart of the Indigo Movement and how it makes me-time accessible to all.

Woman-owned Wellness experience
Courtesy: Tiana Duncan

21Ninety: What inspired your woman-owned wellness brand, Indigo Movement, from the start? 

Tiana Duncan: I was inspired to create Indigo Movement when my former employer and client asked the customer care team, ‘What are some ways we can improve the company?’

I shared, from my observations, that the company needed to invest in their technicians’ health and well-being. I suggested doing this by offering massage therapy and fitness to prevent burnout, injuries and high turnover.

When an employer invests in their employees’ wellness, the return is immeasurable. Studies have shown that employees that are relaxed, happy and heard tend to stay loyal to their job. They are typically more efficient in their work and have a happier home life. After sharing my observations, the owners told me to write a proposal and then boom, Indigo Movement was born.

21N: How did the vision grow once you started the journey? 

Duncan: The vision continues expanding from working one-on-one with clients at their to working directly with employers. We are curating customized wellness program for their employees. Building the foundation as reputable educators for current and future bodyworkers. Also, developing as a trusted brand customers can enjoy in future health and wellness events and retreats.

21N: How has Indigo Movement changed your personal relationship with wellness and self-preservation?

Duncan: Indigo Movement has prompted me to remember three things. First, the student will be the master, and the master will be the student. This is the flow of life. As a business owner, you’re constantly learning and mastering your craft.

Second, go back to the basics and check on your foundation. As a former competitive swimmer, my coach would make us do very basic swimming drills to encourage us to be introspective and make corrections within ourselves in order to elevate.

Finally, it takes a village. Support and accountability is a must. My parents instilled the importance of surrounding myself with individuals with integrity. These individuals will not only help me, but they will also encourage and keep me accountable during my journey.

21N: Sounds like incredible lessons to carry. Where can people stay updated with events and updates? 

Duncan: You can stay up to date with Indigo Movement on all our social media platforms and in our newsletter.

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This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.