There are numerous ways to use crystals and finding crystals for sleep support is one of them. The healing benefits of some crystals make them perfect for sleeping peacefully or preventing anxiety, while others banish sleep-walking and nightmares. It is easy to discover, which crystals work for the best for sleeping.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has grounding and protecting energy. It is a stone worth adding to your collection, especially for sleep. Since black tourmaline clears negative energy, sleepless nights and nightmares will be a thing of the past. This stone works as a shield against negativity and is especially effective when paired with selenite. As a powerful stone, it absorbs EMF radiation (electromagnetic pollution from electrical devices), which can cause sleeplessness. Since the stone has a reputation for absorbing energetic blockages, many keep this stone at the front door to counter any unwanted negativity.


Deep sleep and vivid dreams are almost sure to come easily to you with a malachite by your bedside. The stone prompts emotional healing and governs the heart chakra, the source of free and loving energy flow around the body. Going to sleep after setting some loving intentions with a malachite stone will help disconnect from underserving and worrisome emotions. It is a stone that is used to help lower blood pressure and reduce menstrual cramps. Malachite revitalizes the physical and emotional body for better sleep.


Selenite is an amazing crystal for clearing negative energy. This crystal is good for helping you set a peaceful tone before hitting your pillow. This crystal brings about harmony. Light sleepers may find the energy to be too strong to sleep with this crystal in close proximity to the bed. Try keeping this crystal on the other side of the room instead. Sleepwalkers also may find that the intense serenity of selenite keeps them in a restful state through the night.


For those looking to settle their nervous systems, lepidolite is among the best stones to sleep with. Lepidolite is a great choice for easing a disorientated mind. For women with hormonal imbalances, it is a stone that is thought to bring hormonal balance, which may lead to deeper, uninterrupted sleep. This lilac-colored stone is a favorite among spiritual leaders for its relaxing energy. It is a high-lithium mineral, which is a property known for mood stabilization.


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Amethyst is a crystal with endless properties, and it holds great wisdom when it comes to cleansing. This violet quartz holds much power and is useful for connecting with your third-eye chakra and intuition. The anxiety-releasing, negativity-blocking amethyst is a highly recommended crystal to keep on your body or pillow. Referred to as the “sobriety stone,” it is the best crystal to offer ease to overactive minds and addictions. Anyone who has experienced physical, emotional or mental tension during the day should keep an amethyst near during their nighttime routines.


Hematite is a great stone to incorporate into bedtime meditations to balance emotions and bring spiritual peace. As a mineral of iron oxide, it works as a protective talisman. Busybodies will find that hematite will bring you down to Earth and bring the present moment into focus. Associated with the root chakra, the source of feeling safe and secure, a hematite crystal is an incredible option for protection once feeling overwhelmed. Researchers believe that the Ancient Egyptians used the stone to cure hysteria and invite calm.

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