Feeling like you need to change up your look? While simply trying a new hairstyle or experimenting with a new nail shape could make all the difference, sometimes, you just need to go more drastic. Entering a new era can call for a new tattoo, a new wardrobe or even a new piercing.

Beyond the bold septum, daith piercings can shift your look entirely while still being easy to disguise if needed, an easy way to add edge and style to your fashion identity. Whether you just got your daith pierced or are thinking of doing it, here’s everything you need to know, plus some daith jewelry inspo to complete your rebrand lookbook.

What is a Daith Piercing?

A daith piercing is an ear piercing that passes through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold, the crus of the helix. Due to the thickness of the cartilage, this piercing is known to be a bit more uncomfortable than your traditional earlobe piercing, though everyone has a different pain tolerance.

Though there’s no scientific evidence to prove it quite yet, beyond aesthetic, many get their daith pierced in order to relieve debilitating migraines. It’s said to alleviate the pain since the piercing itself is placed at an acupressure point, which can be a game changer for chronic sufferers.

Different Kinds of Daith Jewelry

There are a ton of different ways to adorn your daith-pierced ear, depending on your style preference; what matters most is the kind of material your jewelry is made from. Implant-grade materials like stainless steel, niobium and titanium are the best hypoallergenic options due to the fact that they won’t degrade over time and contain significantly less nickel than surgical steel. 

As far as styles go, there’s a look for every kind of vibe you could be going for. Varied styles include:

  • Hoops
  • Captive bead
  • Barbell
  • Clicker earring

With dozens of brands committed to having your ears as fresh and fly as possible, let’s take a look at some inspo for your next look.

Elegant and Pearled

Whether you’re dressing up for a wedding or just want to keep it classy on your day to day, there’s really no wrong way to do pearls. It’s also one of the fashion statement pieces Beyonce has revived with her “Renaissance” album.

Cute and Romantic

Is there anything quite as feminine and romantic as this heart shaped daith jewelry?! It’s a look that’s simple yet memorable, plus, who says every day can’t be Valentine’s Day?

Moon Child

If you’re a spiritual girly that feels connected to the waxing and waning moon, honor her by donning a moon shaped daith jewelry like this gorgeous one! Paired with some turquoise gems and you’ve got an adorable bohemian look.

Call in the Crystals

This adorable citrine look will not only warm things up, but you’ll also call in all the spiritual properties of the citrine crystal, like abundance, confidence and power.

Make a Statement

If you’re more into the gaudy aesthetic, there’s nothing but sparkles for this perfectly over the top look. It’d be hard not to feel like a princess with a look this charming!

Double Up

Sometimes, you need to throw out every fashion rule you’ve learned and abide by your own laws. There’s no such thing as too much, so why wear one hoop when you can wear two?! 

Classic and Edgy

The titanium horseshoe is a classic look, satisfying that 2010s emo kid that just wanted to wear dark eyeliner and listen to Paramore. It gives edgy and powerful.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Want to feel even more glamorous on your night out? Just add more diamonds! This look will blind every person you walk by with your shine, like the rightful glam goddess that you are.

Sun Studded

Consider yourself a child of the sun? Not only is this daith jewelry super cute, but it will light up any room you enter, honoring the stars above and the superstar within.

Woodland Chic

It’d be hard not to feel like a fairy floating through the forest with mystical daith jewelry like this. From its intricate design to its luminous gems, don’t be surprised if you attract some dragonflies along the way!

Go Big or Go Home

If you also have your cartilage pierced, a dynamic daith jewelry piece like this one is a bold fashion statement that introduces you the minute you walk into a room. It’s undeniably iconic!

This daith hoop still manages to keep things simple while pushing the edge a bit, a perfect complimentary piece to any other pieces of ear jewelry you may be wearing at the same time.

Enjoy Your New Look

There’s nothing more powerful than a woman undergoing a rebrand, whether it be internal or external. While we don’t always have to take such drastic measure to let the world know we’ve evolved, some vibrant daith jewelry is an exciting way to reintroduce yourself to the world and have some fun playing with your fashion identity.