Relationships can be complicated, especially situationships. You rarely ever know where the two of you stand, and when it comes to having talks about the future of your relationship, the anxiety starts to slowly creep in. When it comes to wanting commitment, never back down from what it is that you really want within any given relationship. By staying true to yourself and your own values, you can rest assured that you are taking one step in the right direction, and these eight signs can help you cut through the b.s of the illusion that your person may be displaying. 


He’s never truly open about what he wants

When a guy can never actually say what he wants within a relationship, whether it’s in the present moment or what he wants for the future, this is a sign that he’s probably not ready or willing to be exclusive. It’s okay to not know what you truly want for the future, however, if you know what it is you want and what you’re not willing to tolerate, feel free in keeping your options open for someone that is ready to commit to you when the time comes around.



He doesn’t include you in his future plans/decisions

If a man doesn’t include you in his future plans or decisions, he most likely may not see a future with you just yet, and that’s okay. Not seeing a future with you doesn’t have anything to really do with you and more to do with his ability to not want to commit to a long-term relationship.



He openly says he’s not ready for a committed relationship

If a guy openly says that he’s not ready for a committed relationship, believe him. This is one of the easiest ways to tell that he’s just not ready. As time moves forward there is a possibility that this can all change, but who are you to wait around until he’s ready to get to that long-term phase? You deserve so much better than someone who just wants to string you for the ride.


He dismisses the conversation of commitment every chance he gets

If he dismisses any and all conversations about the concept of commitment, chances are that he’s trying to dodge the talks about anything serious. What’s worse is that if you feel uncomfortable when it comes to bringing up these conversations in the first place, that’s a sign that you probably already have the answer you’re looking for. Gut intuitions are everything. Don’t let someone reject you more than once if they just aren’t ready to move things forward to the next level.


His actions don’t match his words

Actions are bonds, not words. And when it comes to a man showing you why he really cares about you, trust me, you’ll know. If a man’s actions aren’t following through with all of the charming chit-chat to back it up, then it’s time to see the connection for what it really is rather than viewing it through rose-colored glasses.



You already know he’s keeping his options open

If you know that the guy you’re talking to is keeping his options open, this most definitely means that he’s not ready to fully commit. Keeping options open when you’re first getting to know each other is perfectly fine if the two of you have established those intentions, however, as time moves on and you’re s/o is still keeping their options open, this can indicate that they’re not yet ready to commit, not just with you, but with all of the other text buddies he has within his rotation. So don’t take it personally and move on!


He’s not really there for you

If a guy is not really there for you when you need him the most, he may only be open to popping in and out of your life when it’s most convenient for them. Don’t let a man run you high and dry sis, take your power back by moving on and finding someone who isn’t flighty and who’s also there for you.


He’s not fully vulnerable about his feelings

It can be hard to be vulnerable when it comes to our deep feelings for a person, though, it’s not always hard as people make it out to be. If a guy isn’t truly open or vulnerable about how he feels for you, he’s probably taking you for a ride!