Going off to college can be scary for a lot of people. As a young adult fresh out of high school, you may feel nervous about navigating college on your own. But fortunately, there are many college supplies that can help make your first year of college more manageable.

What To Expect

While gearing up for college, you may have heard stories about what to expect. From horrifying hazing stories to worries about gaining the “freshman 15,” college can seem like a scary place to be. But the good news is that most college students have a pleasant experience. Some even call it the best time of their lives.

At first, it all may seem intimidating, but once you get used to being there, it’s a walk in the park. And like a lot of former students, you may even start to miss it when you finally graduate.

Being Homesick During Your First Year of College

It’s not uncommon to miss your family and friends when you go to college, especially during your first week or even month. Staying in a new, unfamiliar place with people you don’t know can be unnerving. But for most students, that feeling goes away with time.

To combat feeling sad or lonely, sign up for a campus tour where you can meet other new students who likely have the same hesitations that you do. You can also take a fun class like belly dancing or poetry as a way to make like-minded friends.

Going off to college is an exciting time. From making new friends to joining a sorority, there are so many fun things to experience while there. And while you may feel homesick initially, you can make the journey more manageable with the help of some handy supplies. Here are six essential college supplies that’ll make your first year of college a lot easier:

Wanjiaone LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp with college supplies inside
Photo Credit: Wanjiaone via Amazon

Going off to college should be exciting and fun. You’ll make new friends, attend college parties, and explore the campus and city. But college isn’t just about having fun. A BIG part of being a college student is studying.

You can make your first year of college easier to manage with this multi-functional LED Desk Lamp by Wanjiaone. The desk lamp has three light settings ranging from low to high so that you can adjust it to your liking. It also has a built-in night light that can display up to 256 colors!

The LED Desk Lamp also includes a clock that tracks the month and date, day, hour, and minute. Plus, you can charge your mobile device with its USB charging port. And its holding compartment is perfect for storing college supplies like pens or highlighters.

Visit W3Schools!Elite Gourmet Single Cast Iron Burner

Elite Gourmet Single Cast Iron Burner in black
Photo Credit: Elite Gourmet via Amazon

When it comes to living at home, there are many perks. Your Mom or Dad might do your laundry for you, and it’s always nice to sit down to a home-cooked meal. But in college, those responsibilities become your own.

Instead of missing Mom’s homemade spaghetti or tacos, why not make your own? You can do just that with this Single Cast Iron Burner by Elite Gourmet.

The burner includes adjustable temperature controls with seven power level settings so you can use it to make a hot meal or keep your food warm. Just turn it on and start cooking!

And the best part about this burner is its size. It’s small enough to easily transport to your dorm on move-in day and also compact enough to fit into a tote bag or backpack for a camping trip or beach visit.

Visit W3Schools!Frigidaire Portable Mini Fridge

Frigidaire Mini Refrigerator in pink
Photo Credit: Frigidaire via Amazon

During your first year of college, you may not have all of the luxuries from home that you’re used to. It takes time to settle in and make your new dorm or apartment feel like home. But with Frigidaire’s Portable Mini Fridge, you can turn your living space into a more comfortable one.

This retro mini fridge is perfect for stocking up on energy drinks for those late-night study sessions. You can store snacks like fruit, yogurt cups, or granola bars inside the fridge as well.

It’s large enough to hold up to nine cans of soda but small enough to fit inside a small studio apartment or dorm room.

Visit W3Schools!NEWCOSPLAY Throw Blanket

Tie dye NEWCOSPLAY Throw Blanket
Photo Credit: NEWCOSPLAY via Amazon

Navigating your first year of college can be challenging. Many freshmen tend to miss the families and friends they left back at home. Fortunately, you can beat homesickness by making your living space feel more familiar to you.

NEWCOSPLAY’s Throw Blanket is a great way to make yourself feel at home. It’s made from faux fur and sherpa fabric for a soft, luxurious feel. You can use it as a decorative item to drape over a chair or bed. Or you can wrap yourself in it on those chilly winter nights.

The throw blanket is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns, from Rose Blue to Dark Purple Rainbow.

NUBILY Laptop Bag

NUBILY Laptop Bag in dark green
Photo Credit: NUBILY via Amazon

If you’ve toured your campus, you may have noticed that college campuses are pretty big. Rushing from one classroom to another can be a struggle, especially when they seem miles apart. And having to bring your books, purse, and other college supplies only makes matters worse.

But with this Laptop Bag by NUBILY, you can carry all your essential items in one go. This 15.6-inch bag can fit your laptop and your books, wallet, and college supplies. Plus, it’s made from PU leather, making it soft and durable for long-term use. And instead of buying a boring backpack, this laptop bag comes in various colors so you can wear it as a purse.

KEJIH Oxford Document Organizer

KEJIH Oxford Document Organizer in black
Photo Credit: KEJIH via Amazon

There’s quite a bit of responsibility that comes with adulting. And now that you’re officially an adult, you might find it challenging to keep up. One frustrating part of adulting is managing all of your important documents like your birth certificate, social security card, medical paperwork, and more.

Keep all of your important documents safe with this Oxford Document Organizer by KEJIH. It comes with four net pockets, four mesh pockets, 12 card slots, and a large folder — perfect for keeping your valuables neat and organized. You can even create a custom 3-digit passcode to ensure your items are protected when you’re away.