Cocktails are an essential part of a successful girl’s night out. In fact, it’s not uncommon to “pre-game” with a round of shots or drinks before even heading out for the night. But while it may be easy to make a drink at home, ordering one at a nightclub can be more challenging.

From busy bartenders who overlook you to having to yell your order over loud music and talking patrons, ordering a drink at a nightclub can make you wish you stayed home. Not to mention, trying to push your way up to the front to order is a feat in and of itself.

Classic v. Specialty Cocktails

When it comes to drinking at a restaurant or bar, there are a number of beverages to choose from. But at a nightclub, you may notice that the selection is far more limited. Specialty cocktails like strawberry daiquiris or peach margaritas often take more time to make – and time is something most bartenders at nightclubs just don’t have enough of.

You may notice that straightforward drinks like vodka with cranberry or pineapple juice are the go-to beverages served at the tables in nightclubs. This is because they’re quick and easy to make but also taste good. So try ordering a less complicated, classic cocktail to make the process run smoother. Even better, these kinds of drinks are often cheaper than your average specialty beverage.

What To Order At A Nightclub

There’s nothing like vibing with your favorite people with a drink in hand. And while it may be best to avoid requesting specialty drinks, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. A lot of simpler cocktails are called “classics” because they’re tried and true with flavors that stand the test of time. So here are five classic cocktails to order during your next girl’s night out:



A screwdriver is a popular cocktail with only two ingredients: orange juice and vodka. Because the drink recipe is so simple and easy to make, you can order the cocktail pretty much anywhere.

The screwdriver got its name when American oil workers snuck vodka into their orange juice while on the job. They didn’t have utensils to stir the drink, so they used their screwdrivers to get the job done. Hence the name, screwdriver.

Personality: A screwdriver is a simple cocktail that packs a bright and citrusy punch. It’s a staple at the bar or nightclub. 

Those who order screwdrivers might have a saucy yet fun personality that attracts many people. Far from basic, you may be a little sassy, but you mean well. You probably know lots of people and are the life of the party. In fact, the party just isn’t the same without you.


Long Island Iced Tea


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A Long Island Iced Tea is a classic drink to order for any girl’s night out. The cocktail includes vodka, tequila, light rum, gin, and triple sec in its recipe, making it the perfect drink to get the party started

Of course, there’s more to the drink than just alcohol. Long Island Iced Tea gets its caramel brown color from the splash of cola that’s added to it. The heavy hitter cocktail drink is typically served on the rocks, which means it’s poured over ice.


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Personality: Long Island Iced Teas are considered one of the strongest drinks to order at a bar or nightclub. And if the cocktail is your go-to order, you likely have a similarly strong personality. Wherever you go, you’re there to have a good time. You like to have fun and can sometimes get a little wild. And even though you might not always remember what happened the night before, one thing is sure: as long as you’re there, it’s always a party.


Rum And Coke


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A Rum and Coke is a delicious cocktail that you can order anywhere. Its recipe is as simple and straightforward as its name: rum and Coke. That’s it, that’s all. And when poured over ice, it makes for a classic, frosty beverage that’s great on a warm summer night.

Because the drink’s main ingredient is Coke, it’s a great go-to drink for first-time drinkers who are likely already familiar with the soda.

It’s often served on the rocks at a bar or nightclub, but many restaurants also serve them blended. Either way, Rum and Coke is an easy, sweet drink that’s the perfect start to your night.

Personality: Rum and Coke is easy and uncomplicated. It’s an excellent go-to drink that is so simple to make that you can even do it yourself.

People who order a Rum and Coke might also have a very easy-going personality. You don’t like to let things bother you and can go with the flow without much fuss. You’re important in your friend group because you’re fun, reliable and on chill mode 24/7.


Gin And Tonic


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Gin and tonic is a staple at many bars and lounges around the world. Made from just gin and tonic water, it’s a straightforward, sparkling drink that gets right to the point. 

Because it uses gin, it tends to be more dry and bitter than other popular cocktails. Gin is made from juniper berries, which give it its unique bitter taste. If that’s not your thing, you can ask your bartender to ease up on the gin or add fresh fruits like oranges or berries for a sweeter drink.


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Personality: If you prefer a gin and tonic, you may be an old soul. You’re likely a deep thinker who’s the mature one in your friend group. But that certainly doesn’t make you boring. In fact, your sarcasm and dry sense of humor are what make you charming. And even though you have a calm and cool demeanor, your friends can always count on you for a good time.


Whiskey Sour

A whiskey sour is a sweet and tangy cocktail made from whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar. Some bartenders add egg whites to the drink for a foamy, decadent treat that’s slightly creamy.

If you like fruity drinks, a whiskey sour is a good choice. Although it’s commonly made with lemon juice, it also tastes great with orange juice. And when garnished with a piece of fruit like a maraschino cherry or orange slice, it makes for a pretty little cocktail to capture for IG photos.


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Personality: Similar to the drink recipe, you’re a little bit of everything.

You’re usually sweet, but you know how to read someone if you need to. You can easily make friends because of your bright and bubbly personality. You’re also curious, adventurous, and always down for whatever, a quality your friends appreciate the most. A funloving spitfire, you’re the best of both worlds.