Did you know that making small changes to your daily habits at the job can increase your productivity dramatically

Getting more done in less time is attractive for a #girlboss who is serious about crushing her goals and being a driving force within her company…all while growing her own business on the side.

So here are a few tips you can leverage to begin improving your productivity at work, giving you more time in your day!

#1 Create an Environment for Success

Whether you're working from home or spending a few days in the office, having a desk you look forward to coming to daily can do wonders for your productivity. 

Add some pizzazz and color by decorating your office with inspirational images that keep you motivated. Having visual reminders of your goals will help you stay focused and remain the course.

Don't forget to add a plant or two. Spider plants and pothos are great office plants!

#2 Track Your Time

Now, we've highlighted the importance of tracking your time spent in a previous time management article but it's worth mentioning again. 

Being aware of how long it takes you to complete a project or an assignment will help you plan better the next time. You see, what you track, you get better at! You can make the necessary improvements because you have real data to work with.

There are several productivity apps like Toggl Track and RescueTime you can explore to see which works best for you.

#3 Prioritize Your To-Dos

Everything seems important when creating your to-do list. Truth is, not everything is. And thinking you must check all items on your list by the end of the day can put you in serious overwhelm, causing you to shut down and procrastinate.

You don't have to! Look at your list and prioritize what must get done first. Also, leverage the brilliance of your team by delegating tasks that your other colleagues are great at. This can save you a ton of time while they do the things they enjoy.

Psst…you could also swap their undesirable tasks that you actually enjoy. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Oh, We've Got More!

Other things you can do to boost your productivity at the job includes taking frequent breaks throughout the day, eating high-energy foods during lunch, and intentionally planning your goals on the calendar to conquer daily.

With these tips, you're well on your way to getting more done! Much success.