If your hair is lacking the volume you crave, then, you may want to try a drawstring ponytail. These units go over your natural hair to instantly add volume and length without the need to spend hours in a salon chair. They’re quick to install and remove. They are also reusable, so you can wear them everyday or switch them out as often as you change your clothes. 

How to Use a Drawstring Ponytail?

To use the hair addition, you’ll need a few supplies, along with your new unit. Gel and a couple hair elastics will help slick your hair back into a tiny ponytail or bun. This ensures that your actual hair won’t poke out from under the ponytail. Once your hair is slicked back, use the hair pins to keep your natural hair in place. This helps secure the ends of your hair.

If your hair piece has one or more clips, place the top clip above your slicked back style. Then, cover your hair with the mesh and adjust the drawstring to your preferred closure. After securing the bottom clip, tuck the drawstring into the ponytail and secure it with a couple hair pins. 

Best Bubble

Matriarchs Bubble Long Drawstring Ponytail Extension 

This hair extension delivers a great look for any occasion. The whole bubble braid has tighter curls that mimic natural hair. The top bubble has two clips and a drawstring to keep this style on your head. This bubble braid also comes in 18, 24, and 28 inch options. Shop this style in 10 colors. 

Best Long Curly

Youthfee Deep Curly 27” Drawstring Ponytail

Youthfee’s ponytail combines swirling synthetic fibers with human hair for defined shiny curls. It’s heat resistant, and the underside of the ponytail has two clips and a drawstring for extra security. Shop this style in seven colors. 

Best Long Wavy

YIBANG Wavy Drawstring Ponytail

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

This voluminous hair piece allows you to wear it in two ways. This drawstring ponytail can also be worn with a removable clip. So, you can use the drawstring feature or clamp it onto your head. Shop this 24-inch long unit in five colors. 

Best Puff

Rosmile Puff Ponytail Extension

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Rosmile’s Puff Ponytail Extension pops onto your head for a full-looking poof. You can use conditioner on this synthetic unit to give it some extra shine. This evenly cut hair piece has a drawstring that conforms to your hair underneath. Once cinched, you’ll have a puff that is about 8 inches in diameter. Shop this ponytail in 14 colors. 

Best Short Curly

AEYAB Curly 12 Inch Drawstring Ponytail

AEYAB’s ponytail adds volume to your look, while adding a bit of length. If it gets tangled, you can use water or mousse to redefine the curls quickly.  It features a breathable net, two combs and a drawstring. Shop this synthetic unit in five colorways. 

Best Short Wavy

Adancyler Loose Wavy Drawstring Ponytail

Adancyler’s ponytail is a petite piece that is eight inches long and has three layers of hair for that voluminous boost. It also has a comb and drawstring to stay secure on your head. Shop this synthetic ponytail in four colors.

Best Straight

UAmy Hair Long Yaki Straight Drawstring Ponytail

UAmy Hair’s ponytail gives you length and volume without the need for a blow dryer. This hair piece has two clips and a drawstring to keep the unit in place. While there are four lengths available to shop, the longest are 20 and 26 inches. Grab yours in one of three color choices. 

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