If you’ve had trouble sleeping at night, there’s a chance that it could be acute insomnia. While it may sound extremely scary, acute insomnia is defined as a brief period of difficult sleeping that usually lasts no longer than 30 days, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

For those with acute insomnia, things such as CBD tinctures and sleep meditations may not be enough to get you into dreamland. While acute insomnia may not last forever, it can definitely cause some serious stress. 

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Life stresses such as bad news at work, losing a loved one, or trying to deal with a sick family or friend can make it a little more difficult to sleep at night. Aside from adding additional stress, short-term insomnia can leave you feeling tired and lacking focus throughout the day, which can bring on feelings of anxiety and depression. 

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Despite the discomfort that short-term insomnia may bring, it can usually be remedied by lifestyle changes, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Lifestyle changes can include putting your phone away before going to bed to avoid the negative effects of blue light within your body’s melatonin hormone production.

The Sleep Foundation also suggests that sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, practicing a bedtime ritual, avoiding naps and exercising daily can all help you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. 

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While acute, or short-term, insomnia may not be the most fun thing to deal with, it can provide some insight into what’s happening in your daily life that could use some adjustment. Whether you’re having trouble adulting, trying to deal with hectic politics, or even dealing with some serious life slumps —it’s important to remain positive and know that there are ways to manage these aspects of your life. 

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