Holiday gift guides can really come in handy when it comes to shopping for the little ones in your life. And as a cool auntie, gifting the best gifts is part of the job.

Why Being An Auntie is Special

Being an auntie is a special role, one that comes with many rewards. As an aunt, you have the privilege of offering advice, support and unconditional love to the people you care about most. You also get to share in their special moments, from first steps to graduation and beyond. 

Being an auntie is also great because you can forgo the responsibilities that come with being a parent. Instead, you get to have fun with your nieces and nephews without all the hassle of being the bad guy. And when it’s time for them to go home, it’s always rewarding to return them to their parents knowing that you made a difference in their lives (or stashed a few dollars in their overnight bag).

Why We Love “Cool Aunties”

If you were lucky enough to have more than one aunt growing up, you probably had a favorite one. Cool aunties are just that — cool.

They’re always down for whatever, from taking silly selfies to trying TikTok dance challenges. Not to mention, they can teach us a few things as well.

A cool auntie provides perspective and wisdom, while also having fun and enjoying the moment. They would introduce us to a variety of music or movies, take us out for ice cream, or just be a listening ear. 

And because cool aunties are so cool, they’re also the best gifters. 

When the holidays roll around, you don’t have to worry about receiving socks or underwear. Cool aunties always come through with the greatest gifts, from cash to hugs.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cool Aunties: 7 Gifts For The Nieces, Nephews, & Godchildren

Being a cool auntie is one of the best positions to be in. Not only do you get to be the cool one, but you also get to spend time with your favorite kids. Plus, you can leave all the boring stuff like homework and punishment to the parents. But the best part about being an auntie is that you get to spoil your nieces and nephews, especially with love. Take a look at this holiday gift guide to shop for the little ones in your life:


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Slumberkins “Shine Bright Bigfoot Kin” – Toddlers

The Slumberkins "Shine Bright Bigfoot Kin"
Photo Credit: Slumberkins

Slumberkins is a company that seeks to empower children and families in their emotional wellness journey. And by combining the power of story telling with developmental psychology, the company helps build a healthy foundation for families to launch into a life full of joy and peace.

Founded by two Moms, Slumberkins offers an innovative line of products, from stuffed animals to books and other tools designed to foster positive self-talk and stress relief.

The Slumberkins book "Bigfoot Shares His Gift"
Photo Credit: Slumberkins

And their gift set “Shine Bright Bigfoot Kin” featuring their first winter holiday book, “Bigfoot Shares His Gift,” is the perfect way to do just that. In it, Bigfoot learns a powerful lession in self-love that is sure to resonate with little readers.

Each set includes the holiday book, a stuffed version of the main character Bigfoot, AND an affirmation card to learn even more ways that little ones can foster positivity.


Makemake Organics “Organic Cotton Swaddle & Top Knot Hat” – Newborns and Infants

A baby modeling Makemake Organics' "Organic Cotton Swaddle & Top Knot Hat"
Photo Credit: Makemake Organics

Cuddle up in this “Organic Cotton Swaddle & Top Knot Hat” from Makemake Organics, an organic and eco-friendly store for children.

Each set includes a swaddle blanket and a matching top knot hat for your baby. Made from organic cotton knit, this gift is sure to keep your little one warm during the colder months.

ThThe Makemake Organics' "Organic Cotton Swaddle & Top Knot Hat" in Basil Stripes
Photo Credit: Makemake Organics

Its lightweight, breathable material provides a snug fit for their head AND protects their skin from sun damage caused by ultraviolet radiation exposure. Plus, there are so many gender-neutral colors and patterns to choose from, from “Basil Stripes” to “Olive Dots.”

Even better, the set is CPSIA Compliant and GOTS-certified to ensure your niece or nephew remains safe and secure all season long.


Puma x Pokemon – All Ages

A closeup of the Puma x Pokemon collection
Photo Credit: Puma

Anime has become a massive part of pop culture. And now, the Japanese style of animation is making its way into the world of fashion.

Footwear company Puma partnered with one of the most popular animes of all time, Pokemon, to create a one-of-a-kind collection that makes the perfect holiday gift for the anime lover in your life.

Inspired by the series, Puma x Pokemon is a collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories featuring all your favorite characters, including Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Gengar.

A child and an adult modeling the Puma x Pokemon collection
Photo Credit: Puma

The best part? The collection is available in multiple sizes for children, teens, AND adults. So not only can you gift a t-shirt or pair of sneakers to your favorite kid, but you can buy one for yourself, too!


little dove “Play Tent with Mat” – Toddlers and Younger Children

The "Play Tent with Mat" by little dove
Photo Credit: little dove via Amazon

For the young adventurer, try this “Play Tent” from the store little dove. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this play tent is a modern take on the the old makeshift tents of yesteryear.

It stretches to 52 inches, making it spacious enough to accommodate two children. And on top of that, it can be quickly set up in minutes, and includes a set of poles for even faster assembly time.

Plus, it comes with star lights to add an extra touch of fun to playtime. And its non-slip mat ensures that your little one stays safe on the floor.


Puma x Paw Patrol – Toddlers and Older Children

Three children modeling the Puma x PAW Patrol collection
Photo Credit: Puma

Paw Patrol is a popular animated television show for children on Nickelodeon. It follows the adventures of a pack of friendly pups led by a tech-savvy boy named Ryder. Every episode follows the pups as they solve problems and protect their town from disasters big and small. The show teaches children important values such as teamwork, cooperation, courage, and heroism. And as a result, Paw Patrol has quickly become one of the most popular television series for kids today.

Recently, footwear company Puma partnered with Nickelodeon to create a line of apparel and footwear inspired by the show. And the result is nothing short of paw-some.

A closeup of the Puma x PAW Patrol collection footwear
Photo Credit: Puma

Gift them a pair of sneakers inspired by their favorite Paw Patrol pup. Or if you can’t pick just one, shop their lineup of color tees that feature them all.

Whatever you decide, Puma x Paw Patrol is the perfect gift to give your little one so they can have the happiest of howl-idays in style.


Pardon My Fro “Ziggy Fleece Throw Blanket” – Teens and Young Adults

The "Ziggy Fleece Throw Blanket" from Pardon my Fro
Photo Credit: Pardon My Fro via Amazon

Pardon My Fro is a Black-owned and operated lifestyle brand on a mission to empower Black girls and women. The company creates products that highlight the beauty of Black hair, from travel bags to home decor.

For example, all PMF throw blankets include original designs specially crafted by its founder, graphic designer Dana Bly. And each blanket features the diversity of Black women, especially when it comes to hair.

Pardon My Fro's "Ziggy Fleece Throw Blanket" packaged for sale
Photo Credit: Pardon My Fro

From curly to kinky, all hair types are represented at Pardon my Fro, making it the perfect gift to give your teenaged niece or nephew.

Our pick: The “Ziggy Fleece Throw Blanket”


Tstars “I Paused My Game To Be Here Hoodie”


The "I Paused My Game To Be Here Hoodie" from Tstars
Photo Credit: Tstars

Looking for a gift for the gamer in your life? Try this “I Paused My Game To Be Here Hoodie” from the apparel brand Tstars.

No gamer likes to be interrupted in the middle of a game, but sometimes life happens. And when it does, you wear this hoodie.

Made from a quality blend of cotton and polyester, this hoodie is not only cool, but comfortable as well. It features a large kangaroo pocket to store your phone, keys, or even a snack. And if your little one (or big one) gets it dirty, it washes easily inside your washing machine.

Even better, the hoodie is available in multiple sizes, so you AND your loved one can show up in style.