Social media is an entire world of its own. Online, we have our own identities, communities and rules of etiquette. While there are certainly ways to keep your timeline healthy and wholesome, it’s easy for social media to become toxic and messy. Within that are hierarchal nuances like deciding who gets access to your private stories as well as who gets blocked.

People can earn their block for a variety of reasons, such as posting offensive or spammy content, harassing you in any way or being an ex you doesn’t want to allow access to your newfound glow (good for you, sis!).

However, it’s a different ball game when you’re the one who gets blocked. Even the most Internet-detached and grounded yogis would care if they’re blocked from accessing someone’s content, and there’s no shame in admitting that you’re dying to know how to see who blocked you on Instagram.

The app’s interface doesn’t give you a direct way of finding out which users have you on their blocked list; luckily, there’s still hope. Breaking down three easy methods, here’s how to see who blocked you on Instagram.

What Does Blocking Mean?

First, let’s review what blocking or being blocked on Instagram actually means. What kind of access actually gets revoked?

In a literal sense, blocking a user simply means they won’t be able to locate your profile, posts or story. They are still able to mention your username in their posts, but these mentions won’t show up in your notifications. When you’re the one who is getting blocked, they also won’t be able to see your profile either, so there’s no need to block them back, even if you want to play it petty.

While there’s certainly some heavy implication that comes with being blocked, you don’t always have to assume it means you’ve done something vile or that they hate you. Our content isn’t always for everyone, and maybe you just didn’t fit into their flavor profile. Or maybe you’re beefing and you didn’t even know it; but ultimately, blocking is a pretty firmly set boundary.

The Search Method

The first way to see who blocked you on Instagram is the search method, which starts with going to the search bar in the app and typing in their handle. If you’re not blocked, you’ll be able to view their profile. If their account is private, their profile will indicate so. However, if they don’t show up in the results at all, they either blocked you or deleted their account.

The Old DM Method

If you’re suspecting someone blocked you and you’ve had previous direct message conversations with them, you’re in luck: using an old comment or DM conversation is an easy way to see if you still have access to interacting with someone’s profile. If after searching for old comments or conversations and clicking on their profile you reach a “User Not Found” or a “No Posts Yet” notification, then the person has blocked you.

The Browser Method 

Lastly, enlist the help of any mobile or desktop browser to see if someone has blocked you. Visit their profile via browser by entering, and if you can see their profile on the browser but not on the app, it means they blocked you. However, if you cannot see their profile via browser either, this could indicate that person may have just deleted their account.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Serious

Okay, so finding out how to see who blocked you on Instagram is helpful, we must admit. However, don’t let yourself marinate for too long in any hurt emotions if you come to find out someone did! Take accountability for any actions worth confronting on your part, respect their boundary while wishing them well, and maybe even start up a meditation practice to come back home to yourself. There’s a buzzing life outside the digital realm that’s awaiting your return.