Hot mom, author of WHOA, BABY! and Schick partner Kelly Rowland recently shared with People magazine what makes her feel powerful and the beauty products helping her stay radiant. 

Happy Hump Day!

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The 37-year-old powerhouse was recently seen gracing the stage at #BEYCHELLA with fellow Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams, and her glow seemed to radiate from the inside out. 

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"Beauty, to me, is internal. If you know who you are, what you possess as an individual and don’t let the rest of the world tell you who you are and what you should say and what you should possess, it makes you rate your own beauty and it makes you rate your own self," she shared with People. "I feel like that’s incredibly important to everybody that wants to be beautiful. You have to understand it starts with you."

Rowland is not one to keep her beauty secrets to herself. When she discovers a miracle product, she said she is quick to share it with her friends and other moms, including Queen Bey. According to ELLE, some of her staple products at the moment are: Shani Darden's Retinol Reform, iS Clinical face wash, iS Clinical sunscreen, Honest Beauty Magic Balm, Pat McGrath eye palettes

She also gave major props to Schick’s new Intuition F.A.B. razor for its ability to shave backwards and forwards. 

"I needed this when I first shaved my legs at 12 or 13 years old. All I could think about was the moment I pulled the razor up and tried to go back," she said to People. "This lucky new generation — they don’t understand what I went through!"

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Beauty has definitely made some amazing advancement over the years and, thanks to our technological world, women are able to share their thoughts on beauty across the globe. Rowland wants other women to look at the things she has accomplished in order to motivate them to acknowledge their own versions of beautiful. 

"[W]hen I say something and it’s from my heart. Not from an emotional place as much as like just from my heart, from my soul," Rowland shares with People. "That makes me feel empowered, when I do something and it puts in motion for another woman to want to do it."

Thank you, @casper for our gifts! WE LOVE EM!!!!!

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She also addresses the beauty of motherhood with ELLE and the importance of moms taking care of themselves during and after pregnancy. 

"You have to take care of your body when you're pregnant with your baby. I think that a part of taking care of your body is taking care of your baby. Eat the foods that you're supposed to eat for yourself and for the baby. Enjoy resting your feet. Enjoy putting them up. Enjoy giving yourself a facial. Enjoy a night out with friends. Enjoy your mocktails. When I was pregnant, I went out with friends still, not going like too crazy like in clubs in stuff–but I did do that once! I allow myself to have fun. I allow myself to feel beautiful. I have pictures on my phone where I kept taking pictures of my body. And I felt so beautiful pregnant," she said to ELLE. "After you have the baby you've got to take care of yourself, too. We forget about that. You're so wrapped up in being pregnant but you have to remember after you have that baby, you have to take care of yourself and that's internal, external, mental, physical, emotional. You must take care of yourself. You only get one you. And I think that that's so important. That's a lesson I had to learn after I had my son."

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Based on her results, we are definitely taking notes! 

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