June is for summer dresses, endless summer nights, and hefty mid-year check-in resets. It’s the perfect time to have a sit-down with yourself and see what’s going on in the goal department. If goal-setting and vision boards at the top of the year aren’t enough to keep you inspired, then this might be how you keep your intentions in sight.

Avoiding the stress of the end-of-year rush is all about being aware of where you stand with your goals. Thinking about going freelance but haven’t made moves yet? Want to become more self-aware by the end of the year? Take this as your sign to recalibrate. A mid-year check-in or audit is quite common in working environments and is an effective way to keep (or reassess) initial early-year goals. Give yourself a chance to reach your goals this year without unwanted surprises and with all of the preparation.


It’s never a bad time to level up. Career progression is one of the top priorities that usually makes it onto the ‘New Year, New Me’ goal-setting list. It makes sense as Black women in the U.S are usually overlooked when it comes to pay raises and promotions. Staying on top of your career goals is an act of self-love since workforces are likely to dismiss Black women’s efforts. It may be time to consider what’s next for your career. Consider these prompts and questions if a professional level-up is on your mind: 

Have you reached your goals as we approach the midway point for this year? Why or why not? 

What would help you achieve the next level in your career? A few options to consider could be mentorship, transparency at work, or even career downgrading. 

Are you genuinely happy in your position?

Do you still feel committed to your career goals that you set at the start of the year?


Finances, wealth and money management make up a huge part of feelings of security and financial wellbeing. Rich aunty memes, rich wife aesthetics, and other viral and cultural trends may have you focused on generating more income for the lifestyle you wish to afford. Staying on top of your finances is a skill that requires frequent check-ins. If getting to your bag is on your list for 2024, this is a great time to assess how on track you are. 

How are your finances doing as we reach the middle of the year?

What has the first six months of the year taught you about your money management?

Do you think your relationship with money has changed for the better or worse?

How could you increase financial literacy in the second half of the year?


Sinking into the soft woman era is worth all of the hype, in case you were wondering. It is also not for the weak. Unlearning hyper-productivity culture, reestablishing self-worth outside of a job title or relationship, and setting boundaries is all a part of the tough work of self-care practices. For some, this year is the first time giving self-care a try. For others, this year might be about deepening the connection to self. Wherever you find yourself, you deserve to take some time for self-inquiry and reconnection: 

What has self-care looked like this year? 

In these first 6 months of the year, where did you find yourself rooted in your vision? Where did you find yourself retreating to?

Describe a moment from this year where you set a boundary for yourself.

What do you need to work on going forward?


Relationships, romantic or otherwise, can be so essential to our overall happiness. If loving relationships matter to you this year, then it may be time for a real look at your progress. Life is full of moments of love, pain, and connection but knowing how to navigate these seasons is always a wise move. Investing some time to look over your relationships could be the difference between getting it right and not connecting the way you desire. 

Have you had a break-through in your relationships this year?

How are you making space for healthy relationships?

Do you see any patterns between this year and last year?

Can you honestly say that your communication is compassionate and aligned with the kind of relationship(s) you’re looking for? How so?


Living a healthy life is often an ongoing goal, but breaking it down annually may be the path to success. Health comes in many forms: fitness, reproductive health, mental health, emotional health, cognitive health, and so much more. Your health audit may be an ideal time to evaluate where you’re at on your journey and what extra support may be needed. Listening to the body and hitting your goals may be more possible than you assumed. Here are some prompts to give you a boost:

Would you say that your health goals were realistic?

Define what a healthy life looks like. Note any ways that it has changed or evolved from the start of the year.

What are you most proud of about your health journey so far?

Who/what motivates you most on your health journey and how can you healthily embody that?