This just in, Mommy kinks are the newest sexual trend couples are adopting into their sex lives. From praise kinks to strip twister, the options out there for spicing up the bedroom keep getting more and more interesting.

Known as a “Mommy Kink,” this newest sexual fad is an ode to the “mom-like dominants” out there looking to play mother in the bedroom. The role is typically used to strike dominance over a partner but in a loving and seductive way. Think “time out ” but for sex, mommy kinks can be used to add something different to couples’ sex lives if they’ve been in need of a sexual revamp.

Ultimately, it’s true that being cared for is one of the biggest turn-ons partners enjoy, as it adds a way of escapism for those whose mother figures may have not necessarily been present in their childhood. Is it necessarily healthy? Probably not, but the mommy kink surely can elevate your sexual life for some added fun. Below, is everything you need to know about this seductive act of sexual role play.

What Exactly Is A Mommy Kink?

Mommy kinks are known to be a sexual/romantic attraction for couples to use in and out of the bedroom. Whether used in a dominant and seductive way or used in a loving and friendly type of way, mommy kinks refer to a partner acting in the role of a mother. From providing unconditional love to treating a partner like a child, the options for incorporating this kink are endless.

Mommies are typically figures known to care for you, protect you, and provide you with unconditional love. Whether it’s caressing your partner’s hair while listening to them vent, kissing their forehead, or holding them tight, mommy kinks can essentially take the place of actual mothers if no real mother figure is present, while providing a sexual side to the equation.

Phrases To Use In The Bedroom

If you’re thinking about spicing up the bedroom with a mommy kink, here are a few phrases to use in the bedroom.

1.”Who’s your mommy?”

2.”My sweet baby, come play with me!”

3. “Come here little girl/boy and sit in my lap”

4. “Give Daddy/Mommy a kiss.”

5. “I think it’s time for some play, don’t you?”

6. “Go and pick a toy for us to play with.”

7. “Don’t you want to make me proud?”

8. “Come on, time for bed.”

10. “Daddy’s/ Mommy’s had enough now, stop that.”

11. “Let me tie you up, baby.”

12. “You look so pretty with your head in my lap”

13. “I’ve bought you lots of new presents; want to see?”

14. “Try that on, and I’ll wait here.”

Mommy Kink Ideas

There are a variety of ways to make this kink yours. Ahead, are a few fun ideas to help you incorporate a mommy kink in the bedroom.

  • Try seducing one another over text messages by referring to each other as your roles; this will help prepare you for what’s to come in the bedroom
  • Start calling your partner “mommy” or “baby” as an invitation to come to bed
  • Set aside the time for foreplay to gently caress each other’s bodies and ask for your mommy partner to hold you
  • When you’re climaxing, call each other by your role names