French manicures will always be on trend. But the classic style gets costly, quickly. Between maintenance and touch-ups, keeping your French manicure looking fresh requires frequent visits to your nail tech. Unless, you grab a press-on French manicure set. By opting for a press-on French manicure, you can use your hands without worrying about accidentally chipping the tip of your polish. Plus, you don’t have to frequent the nail salon to keep up with your nails. So, you save money. 

What Is the Best Shape for a Press-on French Manicure?

The best shape for a press-on French Manicure is one that lets the contrast tip shine. So, anything that isn’t a stiletto works best. That said, it’s not impossible. Stiletto nails are very long extra pointy nails. Since they have a super fine tip, there’s not enough room for the French to shine unless you don’t mind the “tip” taking up more room on your extensions

Best Almond

KISS Classy Gimme More

Photo Courtesy of KISS

KISS’ Classy Gimme More nails are a set of almond-shaped French nails with an added twist. Each nail features a sizable tip with a thinner strip of white polish underneath. It creates a double French look that’ll turn heads. This set of 28 nails are waterproof and comes with everything you need for the perfect at-home manicure. 

Best Black Tip

Static Nails Black French Almond Reusable Pop-On Manicures

Static Nails’ Black French Almond Reusable Pop-On Manicures are an alternative to the classic white tip. These waterproof fake nails are so durable that you can wear them for up to 18 days at a time. Plus,24 nails in a pack. 

Best Chrome Overlay

Nail Bliss by Dashing Diva French Glaze

Photo Courtesy of Sally Beauty

Meet French Glaze from Nail Bliss by Dashing Diva. These French-style nails feature the everpopular chrome overlay that would usually drive up the price of a manicure in the salon. But, with this set, the work is done for you. Plus, one box has 30 nails to help you find the perfect fit.

Best Coffin

KISS Salon Acrylic Medium Coffin French Manicure 

KISS’ Salon Acrylic Medium Coffin French Manicure is a clean classic set of fake nails. Each nail boasts a light beige base with a thick white tip. All of the 28 nails in the box boast salon-quality acrylic strength that stays on for up to seven days. 

Best Long

KISS Classy Wedding You’re Gorgeous

Finding a long press-on French Manicure is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, KISS’ Classy Wedding You’re Gorgeous nails are that needle. These long coffin-shaped press-on nails feature a V-cut style white tip and a soft pink base. Plus, there are 24 nails in the box for you to try on.

Best Medium

imPRESS So French Press-On Manicure

The So French Press-On Manicure from imPRESS is a medium-length set of fake nails with a sparkling touch. A majority of the press-ons in the box feature a light beige base with a V-cut style French tip. But, a select few accent nails in the 30-count box also have a single clear stone towards the base of the nail. 

Best No-Glue Nails

imPRESS Premium Memory Lane

Photo Courtesy of KISS

The Premium Memory Lane set from imPRESS doesn’t require any glue. To achieve your perfect press-on French manicure, follow the instructions to prep your nails. Then, peel the back off of your chosen nails, press firmly, and go. These 30 nails hold for up to seven days. 

Best Nude

KISS Salon Acrylic French Nude Nails

KISS’ Salon Acrylic French Nude Nails give you a monochromatic manicure. These nails feature a soft beige-pink base with a slightly creamier coordinating tip. Shop this set of 28 nails in four sizes: real short, medium (that is actually short), medium (pictured), and long.

Best Round

Chillhouse French Twist

Photo Courtesy of Chillhouse

A round nail will never go out of style. So, grab this reusable set of 24 French Twist nails from Chillhouse to rock the classic manicure. This press-on French manicure features an opaque beige base with a class round French tip. 

Best Short

Glamnetic Short Almond Press-On French Manicure

Glamnetic’s Short Almond Press-On French Manicure delivers the popular style to shorter nails. These fake nails feature a ballet-pink base with a white almond tip. Plus, this set of 24 nails lasts for up to two weeks when applied per the included instructions. 

Best Square

KISS Salon Acrylic Medium Square French Manicure

KISS’ Salon Acrylic Medium Square French Manicure is a chic alternative to the lengthy coffin styles. Each of the 28 nails in this kit feature a salon-quality durable acrylic that will last for up to seven days. 

Best Squoval

Nail Bliss by Dashing Diva Sculpted Acrylic French Medium Squoval

Nail Bliss by Dashing Diva’s Sculpted Acrylic French Medium Squoval nails are a cross between a square and an oval tip. That means, instead of going straight across with a sharp line, the underside of the lip lifts to create an oval-shaped base. Plus, these 28 nails are chip-resistant, waterproof, and last for up to 10 days.

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