Sanaa Lathan is a multi-talented accomplished actress who has appeared in movies including Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar, The Best Man, Nappily Ever After, and many more. Even in her late 40s, she maintains her fountain of youth, which is greatly attributed to her beauty secrets. One of those secrets is to practice a semi-vegan lifestyle, and she also undergoes a detox periodically to maintain a youthful, glowing appearance. But that's not all! Here are a few more beauty secrets from the Hollywood actress Sanaa Lathan. 

Hot Water, Cold Water

One thing Sanaa Lathan does for better skin is to bathe in the sauna then take a cold shower after 15 minutes. This technique is called the hot sauna, cold plunge, and it has several fantastic benefits. It reduces inflammation, helps lower muscle tension, and it detoxifies your body.  In particular, cold showers can help your body in many more ways, such as reducing itching among skin conditions such as eczema or hives.  

Consistent Deep Conditioning

Sanaa Lathan believes in keeping her hair well-moisturized, so it's no secret that consistent deep conditioning is a part of her overall beauty regimen. Lathan also mentioned that she keeps her ends trimmed and doesn't apply excess heat when styling her hair. Those with natural hair are prone to dryness during certain seasons, such as winter, so they'll need deep conditioning to achieve healthy hair. It's no secret that regularly trimming your ends helps reduce breakage, and the less heat you use on your hair, the better off you'll be.

She Sticks to Organic Beauty Products

Lathan primarily uses organic beauty products because when you use natural or organic beauty products and techniques, your skin looks and feels better. For example, coconut oil contains fatty acids that lock moisture inside your hair and keeps it soft. As a bonus, coconut oil also does an amazing job of moisturizing your lips! 

Protective Hairstyles

When Lathan shaved all of her off for a role in the Netflix film, Nappily Ever After, she decided to grow her hair out afterward. One of her secrets to healthier hair is to wear protective hairstyles because these hairstyles don't require excess heat. It also assists with hair growth and retention. With a little patience, if you're consistent in using them, these beauty tips can work for you.