The sun is about to have its season and our wardrobes must fall in line. That means putting away the overcoats and sweaters to make room for the breezier and possibly flirtier items in our closets. It’s been said that, for women, a man in gray sweatpants is the sexiest thing. The color, and sometimes make, of the sweats allow for more of the body’s curves to be seen than if he were to wear slacks. And because the goods are on display without being fully on display, women get a kick out of it.

The alleged equivalent, for men, is a woman in a sundress. Multiple theories exist around why a man loves sundresses and the role that it plays in fashion/society. Here’s our take on the sundress theory. 

What Is a Sundress?

(Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

Before we get into theories, let’s start at the beginning. Sundresses, commonly worn by women, have a structure that is traditional to summer style. It’s a fashion statement that says summer is here and so am I. Usually fitted across the chest, with or without sleeves, a sundress is flowy from the waist down. It can come above the knee or flow along the ankles. That is the typical sundress, although amongst Black TikTokers and possibly southern communities, sundresses have an expanded definition that includes bodycon dresses as well. Both styles incorporate bright or pastel colors with a construction that draws attention to the shape of a woman’s body. It’s even been said that women may forgo underwear when wearing these items which add to the illusions that a man who is watching gets to experience. 

What Is The Sundress Theory?

As there are multiple undress theories, we’ll be discussing the most popular. The first being that men love sundresses because they accentuate a woman’s body and her feminine energy. Apparently, it’s the most feminine item of clothing that a woman can wear. Through these flowy, printed and boldly colored dresses, men get an idea of a woman’s body shape as she moves down the street or through a crowd. Something about the item brings their imagination to life.

Comedians have even said that sundresses are what elders wore when it was time to multiply as it causes a similarly visceral reaction in men aligned with sexual desire. The second theory says that if a woman wears a sundress on her first date, she’s more likely to get a second one than if she wore something more form-fitting or straightforward. 

Why Do Guys Like Sundresses?

In the “Big Days” episode of How I Met Your Mother, one of the characters talks about how the seasons are changing and he was reminded of this when he passed a woman on the street who was wearing a sweater. He said that he couldn’t take another several months of women in sweaters and that he needed to see women in sundresses.

Sundresses, according to fashion experts and TikTok help the woman wearing it to exert a certain light and femininity; it’s a sexy but classy energy that’s executed by such a simple item of clothing. Worn on a first date, it’s also said that the woman would be taken more seriously and that her date would be more likely to ask her out on a second date if she wore one. It reinforces feminine and masculine energies, particularly if worn in the color red.

Red is said to be the most attractive color that a woman can wear according to men. Women who adhere to sundress wearing have spoken to the theory saying that they do wear the dresses in an effort to tap into their feminine energy in addition to increased comfort and low effort. Sundresses are a statement, but they don’t have to be. And if you’d like for it to be, enjoy that too. Share with us your go-to sundresses, why and how you love them!