How you begin your morning can make a big impact on your motivation, energy, and mental stamina towards winning the day.

Having a solid morning routine that supports your goals and mental health positions you to start the day with intention and purpose. Many successful people swear by a morning routine and use that precious time as "me time." 

You see, it's a moment to prioritize you before scrolling on social media, checking your email, or news sources. 

If you're eager to live your best life, it starts by conquering your morning. Here's the best morning routine that's easy to do and one you can achieve in just 30 minutes.

#1 Hydrate with a Glass of Water

Drinking a nice cold glass of water first thing is a great way to wake up! Not only does your body crave rehydrating itself after several long hours of sleep, but it'll also help you feel more alert since you're replenishing necessary fluids your brain needs to function properly. 

#2 Speak Life Over Your Day

Affirmations and declarations do work. There is power in our tongues and you can intentionally use your voice to speak positive words over your life to help you overcome negative thinking and invalidating thoughts.

Create your atmosphere with the words you speak!

#3 Get Quiet before the Busyness Begins

There are a plethora of benefits to meditating in the morning including less stress, less anxiety, and increased awareness of the present. In other words, helping you live and be your best in the morning. 

Apps like Calm and Headspace are excellent for helping you get quiet before the day begins.

#4 S-t-r-e-t-c-h

A good stretch can help release any tension from last night's rest while increasing your blood flow. In fact, just stretching and/or exercising for 15 minutes can truly get you amped for the day, ramping up your metabolism and endorphin levels.

Make the Most of Your Mornings

Whether you embrace some or all of these tips, you'll find yourself being more productive throughout your day. You'll feel motivated, energized, and organized to take on what's ahead…ready to show up and show out!