There’s a call and need for change in the beauty industry when it comes to inclusivity and accessibility. While things have progressed, it can still be difficult to find products that cater to people of color and that are minority-owned. That's why Rebekah Sager and Kevin Lyles have teamed up to create The Dooplex, a self-proclaimed Sephora of black beauty products.

The Dooplex is an online shopping destination that launched earlier this year on Martin Luther King Day. The goal of the site is to cater to people of color and their specific beauty concerns. The website currently features a curated mix of minority-owned hair-care and skin-care products. The Dooplex hopes to create a more inviting online shopping experience for women of color. While the website is still young, it had a great start featuring brands such as BBD, KitiKiti, INDIGO and Dr. Earls. Here are some of our top picks from The Dooplex:

KitiKiti Medicated Treatment Shampoo:

The KitiKiti Medicated Treatment Shampoo was made to be the closest thing possible to a prescription shampoo. The shampoo is highly concentrated while being moisturizing and conditioning. It targets scalp issues like eczema, psoriasis and dandruff, as well as a dry and itchy scalp. It also keeps your hair from matting so conditioning right after can remain a breeze. 

Indigo Natural NOURISH Moisturizing Conditioner:

The Natural Nourish Moisturizing Conditioner from Indigo is filled with powerful nourishing oils, nutrients and hydrators to restore your hair’s health. With ingredients like vitamin-enhanced shea butter, coconut oil and honey, there’s no doubt that your hair will be shiny, strong and lush for whatever style you’re planning next.

Indigo Naturals Quadrablend Leave-In Conditioner:

Indigo Quadrablend is an all purpose leave-in conditioner. It works on natural hair as well as hair that is braided, bleached, dyed, relaxed or pressed. Its anti-itch formula nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. The leave-in is also great for soothing tight braids. I guess our hair has a new best friend!

Indigo Lustre Glo

The Lustre Glo is a moisturizer for your hair that promotes hair growth while restoring dry, dull and over-processed hair. The moisturizer can be used daily and is also great for reducing and repairing breakage without any build up.  

Dr. Earles Hair and Scalp System:

Dr. Earles Hair and Scalp System includes the No More Flakes Shampoo and the No More Itching Treatment. The shampoo is clarifying and gets rid of dry flakes, dandruff and dandruff germs. It keeps your scalp clean, which helps with hair growth and dandruff prevention. The No More Itching Treatment is a formula that kills the bacteria which causes flaking and itching. It provides your scalp with moisture while promoting hair growth. 

BBD King Keala Oil:

While anything that’s 2-in-1 can be off-putting, it’s okay to let your guard down for BBD King’s Keala Oil. This lightweight oil can be used on your body as well as your hair. It’s a beautiful blend of avocado and grape nut along with ten other oils to provide shine. MAXIMUM SHINE. All you need is a couple of drops on your skin and your hair, and you’re guaranteed to be glistening.

Dr. Earles Skincare System:

Dr. Earles Skincare System consists of three products which compliment each other to eliminate acne concerns. The skincare system includes a medicated acne wash, a blemish remover and hydrating cream, as well as an acne peel. The Dr. Earles Medicated Acne Wash is an antibacterial wash that regulates sebum production and removes impurities without stripping or drying the skin. The wash is to be followed by Dr. Earles Blemish Remover & Hydrating Cream, which instantly hydrates the skin. The cream is recommended to be applied at the beginning of the day to maximize its oil-absorbing properties throughout the day. It leaves the skin smooth, even-toned and works to rid the skin of blemishes. Lastly, the Dr. Earles Acne Peel is a nighttime formula that’s powerful and effective. The formula dries quickly and leaves behind a protective barrier that goes deep below the skin’s surface to extract excess sebum and keeps breakouts at bay.

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