When it comes to clearing the mind, meditation has been known to be go-to method, however, recent studies show that there might be something else that can have your mind functioning as best as it could. A recent study involving 101 undergraduate college students suggests that if you’re looking to get your mind right, a 15-minute run might just do the trick. 

Researchers conducted a study in which they asked the 101 undergraduate college participants to “rate how energetic and vigorous they were feeling” followed by having them complete two cognitive tests which consist of the participants drawing lines between numbers and letters as quickly and as accurately as they could, according to Tonic. 

Half of the participants were asked to go for a 15-minute group run around their campus while the other half completed a 15-minute group relaxation exercise. Two minutes after their sessions, they were asked how energetic and vigorous they felt and went on to complete the cognitive tests — a version of the Trail Making Test that tests speed and attentional control. 

The students that went for a 15-minute group run showed improvement in their speed and control during the test while those who practiced meditation felt dramatically less energetic. For those that improved it showed “that the run boosted cognition through its effects on their subjective sense of having more energy,” stated Tonic. 

There has already been evidence via research studies which prove the effects of moderate aerobic exercises can immediately bring upon benefits for improving where your mind is at and how it’s functioning. Other studies have also shown that those same exercises can increase your mood and provide some energy. Maybe it’s time we should ditch our morning coffee for a quick morning run.

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