As the last stop on the zodiac wheel, the ethereal water sign of Pisces is known for feeling things more deeply than others around them, some even tapping into psychic gifts or enhanced intuition as a result of this energy in their birth chart. Witnessing so much power in one person can be intimidating to any potential lovers, but once they realize the deep capacity Pisces’ have for love and generosity, it’s near impossible to resist those siren eyes.

Our latest compatibility report will explore how the creative pros match up with their sister sign. We previously broke down how another pair that opposes one another on the wheel, Aquarius and Leo, might be romantically, sexually, and platonically. Now, keep reading to learn about the unusual possibilities that exist for Pisces and Virgo.

What Are Virgos Like?

Of all twelve zodiac signs, Virgos are the ones most plagued by the desire to be perfect. They’re represented by the virgin goddess Astraea, who seeks purity and justice in all that she does. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules over them while also keeping a close watch on Gemini. For earthy Virgos, its influence is felt in the input/processing of information, whereas their airy counterparts excel in output and expression.

The sixth position on the wheel holds themselves to a high standard of perfection, and others in their life can expect the same treatment. A Virgo’s tendency to judge others harshly can raise issues, though they do make for great teachers when those they criticize happen to be open to help. Born from August 23rd to September 22nd – right when a fresh semester of school begins – it’s no surprise that people with this Sun sign are organized, analytical, hard-working problem solvers who strive to make the world a better place.

What Are Pisces’ Like?

Directly opposing the virgin is none other than the celestial fish, Pisces, born from February 19th to March 20th. This period marks the final chapter of each astrological calendar, reminding us that this otherworldly sign has the potential to tap into all kinds of divine knowledge. Being ruled by Neptune is what gives Pisces the ability to seemingly shift between a dream state and reality, though they need to prioritize sleep and self-care so their energy isn’t too depleted to respond to what’s happening in front of them.

While Virgo’s blunt “feedback” can put distance between them and others, their sister sign’s deep empathy and sensitivity give them more tact when delivering emotional messages. Their creative talents know no bounds and an alluring sensuality attracts a long line-up of potential lovers to be considered. Pisces falls under the mutable modality, as does Virgo, meaning they’re both willing to be flexible and compromise in life.

Virgo and Pisces Romantic Compatibility

No matter what zodiac you pair them up with, the virgin’s inherent tendency to over-analyze can raise issues on their road to romance. With the help of Pisces’ deep expression, however, both them and their partner can develop a “beautiful, spiritual, and healing partnership,” astrologer Lisa Kiss tells Bustle. “They have the ability to dream on another level and then make that dream a reality,” she adds.

Those who fall into the final slot of the zodiac are professionals at feeling their feelings. A Virgo can help them learn how to coherently express those massive waves that can feel too complicated alone. This kind of affection will lead to an outpouring of love and gratitude from the fish, in turn making their high-strung, earth sign lover find the calmness and security they’ve been craving.

If you’re thinking as far ahead as marriage between Virgo and Pisces, know that a lot of awareness and mutual compromise will be necessary. The former thrives in environments of security and structure, while the latter hates feeling trapped by routines. These two are truly opposites in many ways, and witnessing random emotional outbursts from their other half can be jarring for a Virgo. Meanwhile, Pisces will do well to remember that the virgin means well when offering unsolicited advice, rather than taking things personally and causing a fight.

Virgo and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

The same habit of overthinking that plagues Virgo in love will follow them into the bedroom too. Like any good match, patience and understanding can show you what it’s like to be pleasured in a manner that’s both physically and emotionally fulfilling. “They’ll be able to adapt to each other’s energy and intuitively just know what to do,” Kiss explains to Bustle. “They both want a soulful and spiritual connection, not just a physical one.”

Speaking on the same pairing, astrologer and psychic Stina Garbis notes that both signs tend to submit and serve the person they’re sleeping with. “Virgo may be more taboo in bed, while Pisces likes to please and equates sex with love,” she says. “They both share insecurities and may be inhibited. This couple would be very reciprocal in bed, making sure to give to each other, but it could also be awkward with no one person taking direction.”

Virgo and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

If love or sex doesn’t seem to be the right fit based on what we’ve told you so far, maybe it’s time to consider a platonic future between the virgin and fish. In an unlikely match, these friends come together despite their differences, using what sets them apart to elevate together and separately. The work ethic and organizational skills of a Virgo can help a sometimes scatterbrained Pisces master the art of turning dreams into reality. At the same time, the most evolved water sign can give lessons in increasing empathy and kindness, hopefully resulting in less judgment of self and others.

Being ruled by Neptune makes late winter-born people prone to moodiness. “One day they may be sweet, like a sunny happy day, and the next day, they can be dark and intense with moody tempests,” Garbis reminds us. This can be offputting for Virgos, while their high standards and critical nature can be harmful to Pisces’ sensitive spirit. If both parties remain honest about their feelings and thoughts, these roadblocks can be used to strengthen their friendship, rather than ruin it.

Are Virgo and Pisces Compatible?

One of the most noteworthy things Virgo and Pisces matches have going for them is their shared mutable modality, allowing them both to compromise for the other without stepping out of their integrity. No matter if you grow as friends, sexual partners, or a long-term couple, you can expect it to be a team effort. Interestingly, this shared energy manifests differently on each side of the zodiac wheel. “Mutable watery Pisces is all about letting go, going with the flow, and merging with their partner, while mutable, earthy Virgo wants boundaries, control, and to put the relationship in a box,” Garbis declares.

As a result, this set of sister signs seems to have the strongest potential for success if they form their dynamic on the foundation of friendship. Pisces fall in love much faster than those born at the end of summer, and if they feel there’s strong potential for a life together, they won’t mind waiting for a Virgo to let their guard down and get comfortable with emotional expression. For a full idea of how well you and another might work together, you’ll want to compare more of your birth chart than just Sun signs, such as Moon, Venus, and Mars.