Sai De Silva is a 43-year-old fashion and lifestyle influencer who is most notably a part of The Real HouseWives of New York City’s (RHONY) 14th season reboot. Silva is known for sharing her style, travel adventures and family life on social media platforms like Instagram and through her blog, Scout The City. She is also a married woman and mom of two children, a daughter named London and a son named Rio. Silva’s children are seen on her social media often but Sai De Silva’s husband is a bit more of a mystery as he prefers to remain private. However, watchers of the show and followers of Silva are interested to know more about her man and the potential cheating scandal that led to their relationship.

Here is everything to know about Sai De Silva’s Husband.

Who Is Sai De Silva’s Husband?

Sai De Silva’s husband is a man named David Craig. The couple got married in June 2009 in a private ceremony. In 2011, they welcomed their daughter into their family, and later in 2017, their son. Craig is retired and a stay-at-home dad while Silva continues to grow her platforms and brand. 

David Craig is usually not featured in Silva’s social media or on the show, but Silva has said she appreciates that. She once mentioned on her blog, “He likes his privacy. In a world where we share everything, it’s nice to have something that is private in my life.” However, Silva mentioned during an appearance on the TODAY Show in July of 2023 that she was excited that Craig would be making an appearance on RHONY to support her and that it would be a big deal. 

Sai De Silva and David Craig Alleged Cheating Scandal

Drama within The Real Housewives franchise is inevitable and that’s why millions tune in weekly. However, the scandal surrounding Sai De Silva’s husband and herself occurred off-air. In the show, the cast took a trip to Anguilla and visited an outdoor bar. Here Sai reminisced on her time working as a bartender in her 20s and how it was an important time for her. However, Sai did not mention that the bar she worked at was called Swim Bar, a bar previously owned by her now husband, according to Collider.

The publication also mentioned rumors amongst viewers that Sai met her now husband David Craig here and had an affair that resulted in an alleged pregnancy with his child while he was still in his previous marriage. Viewers of the show have found Silva keeping this secret to be hypocritical as she has had a recent conflict with co-star Jessel Taank in which Silva had pressured Taank to be more genuine and tell the truth. Silva has also commented on Taank’s husband potentially having an affair. 

Other rumors around Silva and Craig’s marriage have circulated like those suggesting the timeline of her marriage wasn’t adding up with the year they claim it was but their children being present. However, none of these rumors have been proven true and there has not been any response on Silva’s behalf. Those interested in getting to the bottom of the drama will have to just stay tuned.