As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane and relive the magic that made this year truly unforgettable for 21Ninety. From groundbreaking beauty revelations to Queen Bey’s reign and heartwarming stories of motherhood, here are the standout moments that defined our fabulous journey.

21Ninety Beauty Awards: Glamour Unleashed!

In a beauty-packed extravaganza, 21Ninety proudly unveiled its inaugural 21Ninety Beauty Awards. Our beauty aficionados combed through a treasure trove of products, bringing you the ultimate go-to list for makeup, hair, and body essentials. Featuring a dazzling array of 84 products, the awards celebrated the brilliance of Black and multicultural-owned brands, as well as drugstore staples that earned their spot in the limelight. From the radiance of Black Radiance to the innovation of Fenty Beauty, the bold hues of The Lip Bar, and the natural wonders of Carol’s Daughter, these products are the stuff dreams (and flawless selfies) are made of!

Bow Down to Queen Bey: From the Renaissance Tour to Blue Ivy’s Debut

When it comes to covering all things queenly, 21Ninety took center stage with Queen Bey herself. We spilled the tea on Beyoncé’s epic Renaissance Tour, from the jaw-dropping performances to the glitzy silver and chrome fashion trends inspired by the diva. But the real star? Blue Ivy, making her dazzling debut on stage alongside her iconic mom. Dive into the cultural impact that echoed long after the final curtain fell, proving once again that everything Beyoncé touches turns to gold (or silver, depending on who you ask).

Motherhood Chronicles: Sharing The Voices of Birthing People All Over

This year, we turned the spotlight on the unsung heroes – the mothers who move mountains. From tackling maternal health issues to shedding light on maternal mortality rates, 21Ninety delved deep into the heart of motherhood. We celebrated older first-time moms like the fabulous rapper Da Brat. We also got up close and personal with our own editor, Arielle Poteau-Clay, who shared insight on her pregnancy journey. However, et’s not forget the unyielding battle for reproductive rights, as we stood in solidarity with women across America, fighting for their autonomy.

21Ninety Live: Powerhouse Conversations with Influential Black Women

Our screens lit up with brilliance as 21Ninety Live continued its mission to amplify Black voices. We had the honor of engaging in on-camera discussions with trailblazers like Nicole Ari Parker, the incomparable Elaine Welteroth, and the soulful Erykah Badu. These phenomenal women shared insights into their respective fields and illuminated the path they continue to carve for themselves and their communities. From laughter to inspiration, 21Ninety Live was a rollercoaster of emotions that left us craving more.

The Journey with Morgan DeBaun: Unveiling the Path to Purpose


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new 21Ninety podcast called ‘The Journey’ 📻 This podcast will be hosted by Morgan Debaun, where she talks about everything from experiences in her personal life that have led her up to where she is today, to getting insights from guests who are on their own specific journeys to fulfillment, growth and self-discovery. Hit the linkinbio to find out more about ‘The Journey’ and listen to the first two episodes.

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But wait, there’s more! In a year bursting with brilliance, we launched “The Journey with Morgan DeBaun,” a captivating podcast hosted by our fearless CEO. Morgan DeBaun embarked on soul-stirring conversations with purpose-driven individuals from all walks of life. Throughout the year, DeBaun sat down to unravel their stories of growth and self-discovery. The podcast became a compass, guiding us through diverse and empowering journeys of those striving to live their best lives.

All in all, as we say goodbye to 2023, we carry these moments in our hearts. Moreover, we cherish the resilience, beauty, and power of the women who made it all possible. Here’s to more fabulous moments in 2024, because at 21Ninety, the journey is just as exciting as the destination!