If you’ve been wondering why your engagement on Instagram has so drastically changed, you are not alone. From timelines that are not in chronological order to shadow bans and a push to make the platform more video heavy, the once guaranteed audience that many have worked hard to build seems to be missing out on the content many are working hard to create. Though some small business owners are still finding success on the app, many creators and brands are pivoting to alternative measures to keep their supporters updated. For quite some time, influencers, especially those who are Black, have been outspoken about seeing their engagement take a real dive, despite the number of followers they’ve amassed. Reels, IG lives and stories all have become useful ways to continue building brands, selling product and connecting to people who want what you’ve got; however, there are other things to consider if Instagram continues moving in the same direction. 


Create a newsletter.

Newsletters are an easy way to connect to your supporters and let them know what you’ve got going on. Many newsletter services are free and can be connected seamlessly to your websites and shops to turn views into sales. The same visuals, especially in the form of photos, can be added into newsletters to ensure that, even if they’ve missed it on Instagram, your content goes to good use. You can also use newsletters to promote your social media content, drawing more eyes to what you’ve posted or even convincing your followers to turn on alerts. 


Have a virtual event.

Connecting with your supporters all at one time in an event that allows them to speak to you directly, can be a great way to continue building the trust every brand needs. Whether your brand involves selling a product or it’s just about you, being able to give your followers some direct love is a sure way to keep them coming back for more.


Use your website to send out alerts.

Most website platforms have built-in email integration where you can set scheduled alerts whenever you post something new or add a product or even if they abandoned an item in your shopping cart. If you’re able to let your followers know that there’s something to see, you won’t worry as much about your content on Instagram bridging that gap. 


Make your stories must-see.

Instagram stories are a good way to not only show your personality but also an effective formula for promoting things as they happen and being able to save them as highlights to bring people back to when necessary. With Instagram allowing links to be put into stories, regardless fo the follower count, it’s never been easier to send people exactly where you want them to go away from the app. 


Send out text messages.

Sending out text messages to tell your followers that new products have arrived, new blog posts have been added or just to stay in touch is a great marketing tool. Used sparingly, of course, text notifications are effective in driving sales and reminding your supporters to tap in with you. Discount codes, inspirational content and reminders to check out social media content are all great things to send out via text. 


Start a recurring IG live.

It’s easier to keep your followers coming back if there’s a scheduled event that they can mark on their calendars. You can curate the topics you’ll cover directly from them via asking what they’d be interested in discussing on your stories and connect it to any other content that may relate to the topic. Partnering with peers in your same industry for some of the lives can also be a great way to bring more eyes to your brand and continue building out your network.