Beyoncé once again has broken the internet. Returning to her roots, Queen Bey is releasing a country album, titled “Cowboy Carter.” The upcoming project, due on March 29, is the highly anticipated “Act II,” of her 2022 “Renaissance” album.

Since the release of “Act I,” Beyoncé has kept loyal fans and supporters engaged with everything from a live concert movie to the release of her natural haircare brand. There has been no shortage of surprises from Queen Bey. However, the beginning of this new musical chapter is exactly what the world needed.

With the release of “Cowboy Carter” approaching at the end of this month, here is a breakdown of what we expect from Beyoncé’s upcoming album.

The Music

The BeyHive received a small taste of the future record, when Beyoncé dropped two songs, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” during Super Bowl LVIII. While “Texas Hold ‘Em” is the perfect song for doing a line dance at a family gathering, “16 Carriages” showcases the hardships associated with being in the limelight since she was younger.

The two songs give fans insight into the range and feel of the album. It seems “Cowboy Carter” will tackle deeper topics, while holding space for lighter songs. In contrast with the dance beats and happier tones on the “Renaissance” album, this upcoming project will likely include more introspective lyrics and soulful sounds.

Above all else, fans can expect Beyoncé to expertly blend the country sound with her own unique flavor. Whether it’s a cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” or her own original tune, Queen Bey is sure to deliver a timeless record that will resonate across generations.

The Fashion

Beyoncé consistently delivers jaw-dropping looks, and the BeyHive always matches her fly. With “Cowboy Carter” serving as her return to her Houston roots, the fashion is sure to fit the cowgirl aesthetic.

With big, voluminous hair, cowboy boots, large hats, the fashion is sure to unlock your inner cowgirl. The colors are neutral, yet bold. The cowgirl aesthetic resembles strength and power, while placing an emphasis on laid back and comfortable attire.

The Intention

Everything that Beyoncé releases is filled with intention and thought. The release of the two songs from the album sparked speculation about the singer’s end goal with the three acts. Many fans believe that Queen Bey is reclaiming the musical genres rooted in Black culture and that a rock and roll album may be the final work she releases.

There is no doubt that Beyoncé is going to deliver the same level of intentionality in “Act II” that is in the “Renaissance” album. Beyoncé, herself, is in an era of calm. She is reclaiming her power and reconciling with her past. This upcoming album will place Black country music pioneers at the forefront and amplify other Black voices in the genre. In typical Beyoncé fashion, it will do with her added creative flair and lyrical genius.

The Tour

The “Renaissance” album was all about unlocking joy and celebrating authenticity. With each lyric and run, Beyoncé inserted love, joy and happiness. For many listeners, the 16-track album was a breath of fresh air and a release from the past years of emotional turmoil. The energy in the stadium was electric and vibrant, which matched an album warranting shimmer and shine.

In contrast, “Cowboy Carter” seems to take on a calm, wise feel. From what Beyoncé released so far, it takes on deeper topics and embodies the slower, laid back demeanor typically associated with life in the South. We can only expect that the tour will reflect what the album seems to promise; raw, subtle power that demands the bold, regal colors connected to Southern Black royalty.