In the wake of tragic losses like that of Jacky Oh, the conversation around beauty standards and body enhancements has been reignited. Actor-comedian DC Young Fly, who was dating Oh at the time of her death, is taking time to shed light on the profound impact of cosmetic surgeries, particularly Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs), He made a call to action for men asking them to embrace and celebrate the natural beauty of their partners. Oh’s untimely passing following a BBL procedure is a reminder of the risks associated with such surgeries.

DC Young Fly’s comments on the “Funky Friday with Cam Newton” podcast sparked a larger discourse on the influence of beauty ideals and the importance of affirming and cherishing the inherent beauty of Black women. His words resonated deeply within the Black community, particularly among men, who felt inspired to uplift and appreciate the natural attributes of women.

Letting Go of BBLs

The BBL has significantly grown in popularity in recent years despite it being deemed as one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries. According to MedPageToday, the mortality rate for BBLs are between one in 2,351 to one in 6,241. Comparatively, cosmetic breast surgery has an estimated mortality rate of one in 72,000.

Reflecting on the prevalence of BBLs in today’s society, DC Young Fly expressed the pain of his loss,

“This is what I’m reminded of every day… It’s a lot of women who have BBLs when you go outside. So I’m constantly reminded, like, they made it.”

DC Young Fly proclaimed that he wants men to shower their partners with genuine appreciation and love in order to help them embrace their natural beauty. Regardless of what the societal norm is, he emphasizes the need for men to affirm the beauty of their partners,

“I’m not going to sit here and tell somebody don’t do what they want to do. But if you got a woman, just continuously tell her that she’s gorgeous, continuously tell her that she’s beautiful.”