Gag gifts are the perfect way to get back at the prankster in your life. And luckily, there are plenty of gifts to choose from.

Different Personality Types in Friend Groups

Friend groups come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter the size, one thing is certain: everyone brings something to the table.

There are a number of personality types in friend groups, and each one plays an important role in holding the group together. The social butterfly is the one who loves being out and about, attending events together. And the more introverted friend might prefer staying in for movie nights or enjoying a casual coffee date.

The chill one always keeps the peace, acting as the mediator of the group. And the organizer enjoys planning events and keeping everyone in line.

And then there is the prankster. Every family or friend group has one. They’re not to be trusted, and not because they’re bad people, but in order to avoid falling victim to their next prank.

About the Practical Joker

Practical jokers are a key member of any friend group. They bring a sense of humor, amusement and light-heartedness to any relationship.

Not to mention, pranks can be fun for both the prankster and the person being pranked.

A good prankster will often come up with creative ways to make their friends laugh, usually without causing too much harm or trouble. For example, they might set up a surprise party or arrange a fake news story that plays on your gullibility.

5 Gag Gifts for the Practical Joker in Your Life

If you want to get back at the practical joker in your family or friend group, there are plenty of ways to do so. Even better, many of the gifts are not only fun, but affordable as well. Here are five gag gifts for the prankster in your life:


WINE CONDOM – The Original Wine Condom

WINE CONDOM - "The Original Wine Condom"
Photo Credit: WINE CONDOM

Wine has always been one of the most beloved alcoholic beverages, but it can go bad if not stored correctly.

For the wine lover, “The Original Wine Condoms” are a funny gag gift to prevent this from happening.

Its shrink-to-fit technology helps preserve any opened bottle, by creating a super tight seal that is fully reusable! To top that off, ach wine condom is 99.9% effective at preventing spills!

With this wine condom, you can store any opened beverage without having to worry about different sized stoppers. Its tight seal keeps oxygen out and prevents liquid from spilling, so your drink will always be fresh.


Fantastic Sarcastic Press – Meeting Notes and Emergency Toilet Paper Office Journal

Fantastic Sarcastic Press "Meeting Notes & Emergency Toilet Paper Office Journal"
Photo Credit: Fantastic Sarcastic Press

Work meetings have become a necessary evil in the modern workplace. Many people dread them, as they can often be long and boring.

For the pranking professional, this “Meeting Notes & Emergency Toilet Paper” Office Journal from Fantastic Sarcastic Press is a hilarious way to add a bit of humor to your work environment.

The cover reads “Meeting Notes & Emergency Toilet Paper” featuring a drawing of a toilet paper roll on it.

Each journal includes 100 – 6 x 9″ lined pages, making it perfect for remembering key points, developing better strategies, and providing something tangible to refer back to in the future.


MP Printing – Voice and Motion Activated Practical Joke Stickers

MP Printing - "Voice & Motion Activated Practical Joke Stickers"
Photo Credit: MP Printing via Amazon

This pack of six voice and motion-activated stickers is the perfect way to confuse any prankster.

Place the sticker on any appliance in your living space, such as an icemaker or soap dispenser. Then, hide around the corner and watch while they try their hardest to get it to work.

MP Printing - "Voice & Motion Activated Practical Joke Stickers"
Photo Credit: MP Printing via Amazon

You can also set up a camera to record the debacle so that you and your prank victim can laugh about it together.

Set up your favorite cousin, or target multiple loved ones by pranking them during a family function. No matter what you decide, this hilarious gag gift sticker pack is the ultimate revenge for the jokester in your life.


Artisan Owl – World’s Okayest Employee Mug

Photo Credit: Artisan Owl via Pexels

Do you know a practical joker who is always talking about their job? Perhaps they constantly complain to you about work? Or maybe, you work together? If so, this next gag gift is for you.

This “WORLD’S OKAYEST EMPLOYEE Mug” is a lighthearted way to get back at the prankster in your life. Made from quality ceramic, its modern black and white design means it’ll never go out of style.

And of course, this extra large mug isn’t just for fun. It can hold up to 15 ounces of coffee, tea, and other liquids. Plus, its double-sided designs makes a comfortable fit for right AND left handed drinkers.


Prank Pack – Roto Wipe Prank Gift Box

Prank Pack "Roto Wipe Prank Gift Box"
Photo Credit: Prank Pack

Make them squirm with this “Roto Wipe Prank Gift Box” from Prank Pack. Featuring a picture of a fictional product, this hilarious spin on a gift box is sure to make them cringe.

To your loved one, the box appears to contain the Roto Wipe, a personal cleaning wheel. But instead, you can place a real gift inside for them to open instead.

Prank Pack "Roto Wipe Prank Gift Box"
Photo Credit: Prank Pack

Each prank gift box measures 11.25″ x 9″ x 3.25″ and can hold a number of gifts such as a sweater, baseball mitts, or books.

Even better, this gag gift is made from 100% recyclable material for the environmentally-conscious shopper.

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