Shopping for the perfect wig can be no easy feat. From sizing, to on and off application, sporting a wig requires one to know what they’re doing – or at least have a stylist who does.

Still, just the process of finding the perfect wig can be frustrating. This is why Parfait has made its mark on the haircare industry. 

Parfait is the “first direct-to-consumer wig customization platform” which is “equipped to accurately assess, virtually size, and match lace to users’ skin tone.”

The platform’s mission is to “create beauty experiences, with technology, that that truly recognize and prioritize all people of color.”

Founded by a group of four women (Ifueko Igbinedion, Isoken Igbinedion, Marlyse Reeves, and Simone Kendle) with extraordinary careers in tech (Amazon, Microsoft, Capital One, Google, IBM, Waymo, and NASA), the platform has already earned endorsement by tennis champion and icon, Serena Williams. And now it’s unveiled its first collection with singer, model, and actor Justine Skye.

Justine Skye x Parfait includes five styles of wigs which range from a ​​purple ombre, long jet black tresses, blonde waves, chocolate waves, and a shoulder-length bob. Skye says the collection is a “reflection” of her personality. Adding that her “purple hair was one of her favorites so she had to include a style that paid homage to that.


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“This most frustrating thing about the wig process is finding natural-looking wigs, as someone who’s always in the spotlight, the way my hair looks is very important, and stepping out in a wig can be very risky because you never know how it will look on camera,” Skye exclusively told 21Ninety. “But Parfait has definitely solved that problem for me.”

Skye adds that Parfait has created a “simple system” for purchasing wigs online.

“From the moment the customer clicks on the Parfait web home page, the customizable wig experience begins and it is truly something that has never been seen before,” reads the exclusive press release. “Women are able to have their head measurements, skin tone, and more detected by this totally unique AI experience. The brand even has a concierge service. It includes veteran stylists on-demand who are ready to guide each customer through their wig purchasing experience. The best part of this experience is that it doesn’t take long at all.”

“You can literally take your measurements with a credit card – how cool is that!” adds Skye.

The Justine Skye x Parfait collection features styles that range from around $600-$1200. But don’t spend all your money, Skye adds that she and Parfait definitely have more “surprises on the way.”

Check out the Justine Skye x Parfait collection here!