When we last spoke with Lauren London, the 37-year-old shared with us the importance of moving forward in life with intentionality, purpose and peace. Since then, the actress has gone viral for sharing inspirational words of wisdom on Jay Shetty’s “On Point” podcast, and released two apparel collections, entitled Forever Stronger, in collaboration with PUMA.

The actress, and mother of two, is certainly being intentional about where and how she shares her thoughts, experiences and energy. And we couldn’t be more grateful anytime we get to hear from her.

Most recently London sat down with famed radio veteran, Angie Martinez, for the premiere episode of Martinez’s newest podcast, “In Real Life.” The two held a transparent conversation centered around life and death.


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“I just don’t think that we know how to die or accept death, and I just don’t think that we know how to usher people into that transition either,” London shared.

When asked what she believes is the best way to comfort someone that is grieving, London shared that “just sitting with someone” and “holding space” is enough. Comforting someone  does not always mean feeling accountable for presenting a solution.

“[Death] is not something to fix, it’s something to go through with someone,” she shared. “You roll with them, you sit with them, you hold space for them, you hug them, you feed them. You – maybe not try to say something that will make them feel better, because there’s really nothing that you can say to make them feel better.”

“Just hold the space for them, and be there,” she shared. “That really helped me a lot too.”

The conversation then delved into the day of rapper Nipsey Hussle’s funeral. London and Hussle met in 2013, and committed to each other as life partners. 


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Hussle was murdered outside of his Los Angeles storefront, The Marathon Clothing, in 2019.


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“I’ve been to a lot of funerals [but] I’ve never sat front row at one,” she shared. “That’s different.”

“[It] shifts your perspective on life,” she said. “It makes you see that not only is life short, but that it’s a gift. And because everyone’s time is so different, ‘What am I doing with this gift?’”

Watch the full sit-down here!