Venus and Serena Williams have definitely been a consistent topic of discussion since the release of the biographical film, King Richards, which recounts the tennis sisters’ rise to success through the lens and determination of their father.

The Williams sisters have been applauded at various award shows, and even showered with praise by the man who played their father in the film, himself, actor Will Smith. In a sit down with Entertainment Weekly, the actor explained why it was so important for him to take on the role of Richard Dove Williams Jr. stating to the sisters, “For me, taking this role was to honor the beautiful aspects of your journey and your family. It’s like I saw something that was so beautiful and so misunderstood. I was inspired to be a part [of it]… I don’t make movies for money anymore. I don’t make movies for awards, or anything like that. I make movies to honor people and to talk about ideas that I think can be helpful to other humans. So this movie was a gift to you and your family. So I am ecstatic that you appreciate it.”

Another celebrity who is preparing to share her praise with the Williams sisters, is Beyoncé. Multiple sources close to the star, revealed exclusively to Variety, that the singer is gearing up for a special performance to honor the sisters at the upcoming 94th Academy Awards.

It’s said that the singer will be performing her single, “Be Alive”, composed specifically for the film, via a live broadcast from the tennis courts in Compton, California. The same courts where Venus and Serena practiced under the “watchful eye of their father.” Queen Bey’s performance may also open the show.

The source also added that there’s a chance that Will Smith may also join Beyoncé in her performance. Variety shared, “One possible scenario would have Will Smith… appear onsite with Beyoncé and then presumably head north to Hollywood in time to take his seat for the announcement of the best actor category.”

We can’t wait to see what stunts Queen Bey pulls out for this performance!