The internet nearly shut down when Rihanna made the announcement of her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky. The superstar billionaire showed off her baby bump in a series of photographs taken by celebrity photographer Miles Diggs. In the photos, fans can see Rihanna walking through Harlem wearing an unzipped, bright pink jacket and colorful body chain to frame her growing belly as ASAP Rocky proudly kissed her forehead.

You can always count on celebrities to announce their pregnancies in shocking and unique ways. Their announcements often spark a wave of copycat reveals from fans who model their own pregnancy announcements after them.

Pregnancy announcements are a way for expectant mothers to introduce loved ones to the family’s newest addition. In the Black community, pregnancy announcements are cause for a celebration. Many Black mothers plan elaborate reveal parties to share the good news with family and friends. However, there are times when these parties don’t go exactly as planned.

There are multiple online examples of pregnancy announcements gone wrong. Some of these involve offensive and sexually-explicit messages posted on social media for family members to see. Others show partners expressing their disappointment upon hearing the news. And in 2020, a gender reveal party sparked a deadly El Dorado wildfire that killed one firefighter who tried to stop it.

When announcing your pregnancy, it’s good to be mindful of your execution. There are plenty of ways to deliver a unique pregnancy announcement that’s memorable without being tacky. Let’s take a look at seven cute and special ways to make a pregnancy announcement:

When a woman becomes pregnant, there are certain precautions that she has to take to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. This includes removing alcoholic beverages from her diet.

If your friends and family enjoy wine, you can announce your pregnancy with customized wine labels. Fortunately, many online companies sell wine labels that customers can personalize for business, weddings, and other special occasions.



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You can add a funny message like “I won’t be needing this” to the label to usher in the joyous moment. Or, for a more casual announcement, you can say something like “Save The Date” with the expected birth date of your new baby.

Sport A Tee


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A great way to announce your pregnancy is with a personalized t-shirt. Online marketplaces like Etsy are home to several vendors who sell custom t-shirts.



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You can take a picture of yourself while wearing a t-shirt with a cute message to show off your new belly.

When taking a picture of your bump, don’t forget to include your partner. There are many t-shirts for partners to wear to help announce the pregnancy as well.



For example, this funny t-shirt that includes a onesie is a great way for you and your partner to announce your pregnancy.

To give family and friends their first look at the new baby, frame your sonogram and deliver it as a gift. If you know your baby’s gender, you can use a pink or blue frame as a hint. Otherwise, it’s best to use a neutral pastel color such as yellow, purple, or green.

You can even find customizable frames to help you announce your pregnancy. Including cute phrases like “Coming Soon” or “Bun In The Oven” add some personality to your frame. And if you’ve already come up with a name for your baby, you can include that as well.

Update Your Photo Album

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Add another page to your family photo album with a blank space for your baby. Underneath the space, add your baby’s name as a hint to your family that there’s a new addition coming to the family. If you haven’t decided on a name, you can place the word “baby” before your family name, i.e., Baby Smith or Baby Wilson.

If you don’t have a family photo album, why not create a family tree? You can use a printable template as an affordable option or have it custom-made. Then, paste a copy of your sonogram on a tree branch for your baby to see who in your family notices it first.

Involve Your Pets


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Pet lovers can celebrate the newest addition to the family with their fur babies too! There are many wearable items for cats and dogs that can help you make the big announcement. Bandanas and t-shirts are common customizable items that are cute and comfy for pets to wear.

If your cat or dog won’t keep the wearable on long enough to capture a picture, you can try holding a sign next to them instead. Signs with messages like “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” or “Promoted to big brother/sister” are great ways to spread the news to loved ones.

Play A Game of Telephone

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If your family is a fan of game night, a game of Telephone is the perfect way to introduce your bundle of joy. The game works best when there are at least four or five players; however, the more, the merrier.

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To play, come up with two or three sentences to announce your pregnancy, like “I just found out that I’m pregnant. The baby is due in March 2023.” or “Jeremy and I are expecting our first child in September. Her name will be Savannah Marie.” The longer and more complicated your announcement, the better.

Next, whisper the announcement to one of your loved ones. That person will then whisper it to another, and so on.


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At some point during the game, the announcement will get lost in translation. Hearing the jumbled and misheard words from the last person to receive the news is part of the fun.

Have Your Sonogram Embroidered

Another fun way to announce your pregnancy is by having your sonogram embroidered. Handwoven keepsakes are a unique way to celebrate the pending arrival of your baby. You can hang it up on a wall or lay it against a chair as a decorative piece when loved ones stop by to visit.



If you’re feeling generous, you can also give one as a gift to both sets of grandparents. Don’t forget to order an extra one for yourself if you decide to go this route!

Although you can buy embroidered sonograms at online stores and marketplaces, many vendors advertise their embroidered artwork on social media. When it comes to social media vendors, it’s important to verify that the business is legitimate to avoid service issues.