Low-rise bottoms are really making a comeback, and so are belly chains.

The fashion trend from the early 2000s is slowly but surely creeping away from social media and into retail stores around the country. For many, the trend is a welcome change. But for those of us who’ve put on more than just a little pandemic weight, low-rise bottoms can stay “back in the day” where they belong.

One good thing that came from the low-rise era is the cute belly chains that many people accessorized them with. They were a fashion staple in the 90s and 2000s. They paired well with bathing suits, skirts, and even pants. And the late musical icon, Aaliyah, even wore hers on the red carpet.

Belly Chains: A Recent Comeback

When Beyonce debuted her belly chain while celebrating her birthday in Sardinia, Italy, fans went wild. In a series of Instagram posts, she debuted a simple gold belly chain to show off her svelte figure in a matching pink skirt set. Soon after, retail stores all over the country began to sell them, while fans posted their new chains online.

In her pregnancy photoshoot with Vogue, Rihanna wore multiple diamond ones to highlight her growing baby bump. In the photo, fans can see three sparkling chains draped across her belly as she lounges in a black Saint Laurent coat by Anthony Vaccarello.

Since their debut return, fans can buy them virtually anywhere. You can even find them at popular retailers like ASOS and Forever 21. However, due to their massive popularity, it can be challenging to find one that you haven’t already seen before. For new summer inspiration, take a look at these five belly chains that you can wear anywhere:


Healing Crystal Belly Chain


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Healing crystals are definitely trending all over social media right now. But they’re also part of an ancient spiritual practice believed to usher in good vibes and chase away the bad ones. To protect your energy, try one of these belly chains decorated with healing crystal charms.

Each crystal comes with its own unique benefits, from relieving stress to improving focus. For example, amethyst is said to balance emotions and ease tension, while rose quartz promotes self-love. And this belly chain by Sage Ascendants that features rose quartz is the perfect way to tap into those feelings in style.


Serpent Belly Chain

This “serpent waist chain” by The Waist Vanity is a cute way to show off your toned stomach. Even though belly chains are typically worn across the stomach, this one looks great in the back, too.

The 4-inch golden serpent charm connects to an adjustable gold-plated single link chain. You can also purchase their plain sphere waist chain to add some layers to the look.


This serpent belly chain pairs wells with many different outfits, from bikinis to cropped tops. For dramatic effect, you can even wear it with a dress that has a plunging neckline or back cut-outs.


Pearl And Gold Shell Belly Chain


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Lounge around on the beach with these tropical belly chains by Mianik that are perfect for a day spent in the sun. Although the chains are sold separately, they look just as good as a pair.

The company’s white gem belly chain features a string of freshwater pearls, a known symbol of love, wealth, and wisdom. The best thing about this belly chain is that it complements various skin tones. Try wearing it with a pair of pale blue denim shorts and your favorite cropped top or bikini top for a casual and cute festival look.


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Their gold belly chain includes several seashells made from 18 karat gold for a luxurious, tropical design. Gold belly chains also pair well with pale blue denim, but they complement bright red or white bikinis as well.


Cultural Belly Chain

You can show off your pride for your heritage with these cultural belly chains by The Waist Vanity. Their “Motherland waist chain” features a gold-plated charm of the African continent.



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And their “Nefertiti waist chain” includes a 10mm gold plated profile image of the great “Queen of the Nile”. To complete your look, the company also offers a garter set that comes with a waist chain, thigh chain, and connector chain, each with an accompanying Nefertiti charm.

If you’re having trouble deciding which one to buy, try both! They complement each other perfectly, and their simple design means that you can wear them with virtually anything.


Blue Starfish Belly Chain


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This aquatic beaded belly chain by PIA is a must-have item for your next summer getaway. Adorable blue starfish charms float between tiny white beads to form this cute ocean-inspired belly chain.

The chain is made using stretchy, elastic material so you can track your weight loss or gain in style. And while it’s definitely a cute way to record your weight journey, it’s also a stylish accessory that can complement many different shapes and sizes.



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Because it’s only available in blue and white, it’s best to pair it with neutral colors like black, white, or a similar shade of blue. You can also wear it with other beaded chains for a colorful, bohemian look.