Swimsuit season is finally here, and it’s that time for slim thick girls to show us what they got. If you haven’t already found the perfect bathing suit for your hot girl summer, you still have plenty of time.

There are so many things to consider when picking out a bathing suit. Is it okay to mix and match prints? How many bathing suits should I own? Are there Black-owned swimwear brands to support? These are all questions that may have crossed your mind while shopping for bathing suits.

But one of the most common questions that women have is which style of the bathing suit complements their unique body shape the best. Black women come in many different shapes and sizes. Not everyone can relate to the thin models that are advertised in swimsuit catalogs or on social media. Many Black women have curvy figures. Some are more top heavy, others are more bottom heavy. And others who are slim thick may have a little bit of both.

Fortunately, slim thick is “in”. It seems like everywhere you look, women are rushing to the operating room for a breast enhancement or BBL. Many women want to emulate famous celebrities with slim thick figures like Megan Thee Stallion or Doja Cat. If you have a slim thick body frame, bathing suit options for your body type are endless.

If you have an hourglass or pear shape and are in need of a bathing suit, look no further. Here is our list of six bathing suit tops and bottoms for slim thick body types, including where to find some of our favorite styles from Black-owned swimsuit brands:



Similar to a tube top, a bandeau is a more narrow bathing suit top that complements many body shapes. It gets a bad rep for being limited to women with smaller chests, but that isn’t always true.
Anyone can wear a bandeau. It’s all about finding a brand that sells bandeaus with maximum coverage and support. Luckily, you can find them just about anywhere. Even popular retailers like Target carry bandeau tops that compliment all bust sizes.


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The great thing about bandeaus is that you can wear them with just about any style of bottoms. Even though they’re pretty versatile, they pair especially well with high-waisted bottoms.
Our pick: This colorful bandeau top from REVOLVE.

Halter Top

Halter tops are another popular choice for women with hourglass or pear shapes because they tend to show off that flat stomach you worked hard for. They peaked in popularity in the 60s and 70s and have seemed to make a comeback every decade since then.
They come in many different styles, from elegant, wrapped halter tops to vintage styles with pointed hems. And if your body is not quite summer-ready, you can also find loose-fitting halter tops that cover your stomach.
Even though you can buy a halter top separately from your bottoms, they look best as part of matching sets.
Our pick: This classic black halter top from Dos Swim.

Triangle Top


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Bathing suit tops with a triangle cut are a popular style that you’re probably used to seeing all over social media. It’s a classic cut that’s sexy and simple.
Because triangle tops are usually pretty simple in design, they come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. When shopping for a triangle top, it’s always good to consider which colors may complement your skin tone better than others. However, bold and bright colors and patterns are always a good idea if you want to stand out.
Triangle tops pair well with just about any style of bottoms, but they’re super cute when worn with mini sarong cover-ups or long, flowing wrap skirts.
Our pick: This simple yellow triangle top by SXA.




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Women with curvier bottoms typically look great in high-cut bathing suit bottoms. High-cut bottoms are sometimes confused with high-waisted bottoms, but they’re very different. High-cut bottoms sit on your hips to give the illusion of longer legs.
They’ve been around for many years but were recently revived by the Kardashians. And honestly, we understand why.


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High-cut bottoms are low coverage, exposing plenty of skin for those who want to get a little cheeky on the beach. And their unique cut helps to elongate the legs, making them a great choice for women with pear shapes who want to look a little taller.
Because they don’t offer much coverage, they can be worn with a variety of tops, including one-shoulder or scoop neck tops.
Our pick: These adorable, baby blue high-cut bottoms from Rielli.



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One of the best things about having an hourglass or pear shape is being able to show off your curves. And what better way to do that than with a classic thong. Thongs are a massive part of popular culture. So much so, Sisqó had people of all ages dancing to his bop “Thong Song.”
When people think of thongs, words like “feminine” or “sexy” may come to mind. While this definitely rings true, thongs can be casual as well.


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Because they’re one of the prototypes of swimwear, many bathing suit tops are modeled to complement them. As a result, you can wear them with virtually anything.
Try them with a long-sleeved wetsuit top for an early morning beach visit when it’s damp out. You can also wear colorful thongs with sheer mesh swimsuit bottoms for a fashionable way to lounge around in the sun.
Our pick: This cheeky blue thong from Xhale Swim.


For a more modest bathing suit style, high-waisted bottoms are a great way to cover up without looking like a grandma.
Hourglass and pear shapes tend to have smaller mid sections that give way to curvier hips and thighs. The great thing about high-waisted bottoms is that they accentuate your curves in all the right places.
Their elongated cut typically reaches your belly button to emphasize a small waist. And most high-waisted bottoms are made from stretchy material that helps smooth out small love handles or other problem areas.


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Because high-waisted bottoms already cover a sizeable amount of your midsection, you should avoid wearing them with longer bathing suit tops like tankinis. Instead, try out a low-cut top with a triangle or scoop neck design to complement your look better.
Our pick: This bright high-waisted matching set by B FYNE.